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On a first skim, this is really killer stuff! All three factions feel distinct, and every page has something to be excited about - I knew from the Timeline that this one was good. 

Really delightful stuff! I built an ALCOR into my campaign's home station. Looking forward to more Mothership from you <3

Really killer stuff! I can't wait for more Hekate if it's all gonna be this good.

Really exceptional work!

Really exceptional stuff! I'll take any Mothership stuff you make if it's all this flavorful.

Fleshing out the Golden Isles roster with wonderful, loving tributes to heroes from our table, these new Gifts/Curses bring a huge smile to my face <3

A wonderful companion to my own work, but can fit just as neatly into a core Songbirds 3e game. Enjoy the cute 'adventure' framework for a magical revenge-driven holiday!

Gorgeous sheets! What my group uses to play the game.

Super elegant shift away from hexcrawling, and I love the new character option! All of the new mid-travel actions work just fine with either this or the core system, which is a move I really appreciate.

it’s been one hell of a road since v0.32 on Google Plus - congrats on making one of my favorite games of all time! enjoy your well-deserved rest, my friend 💛

this is awesome! i would *love* more Spanish historical stuff like this <3

Is there anywhere to peek at some Experimental Tech stuff? It sounds fascinating!

there's a TON of good stuff across all these playbook abilities, but the Berzerker, Druid, and Warlock especially *nail* their class fantasies. well done!! maybe some distant day, we'll see your take on an Artificer or Psion? :p

keep up the awesome work <3

this is exceptional!!

I know that rolls/roles typo was fixed a few versions ago, you may wanna redownload.

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thanks for the killer book! caught these as i finished my read through <3

P. 35: Under armor pieces, even a lucky hoody gifted by a friend.. has an extra period, and is also spelling it differently than 'hoodie' elsewhere in the book.

P. 74: Dungeon Entrance has a See page (xx), which I assume is pointing towards somewhere in Chapter 6.

P. 76: The Melon Patch uses mechanics that don't seem to be in the book.

P. 120: The Persona 5 bullet point, downtime activities.has an extra period mid-sentence.

P. 126 Speed.has an extra period.

and here's the whole thing done!

There we go - thank you!


this is the first Mork Borg thing to stick in my brain - i love it! one small question: the text mentions getting a Side Arm from your Class, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get a Side Arm in this?

absolutely killer work! i’d love a D: Demihumans somewhere down the line, to see your take on making em playable <3


small question/potential error - for the Snake Fells hexmap, are A2 and C4 intended to not have descriptions?

Very cool model for selling this - and I always love to see 24XX support!

Beautiful layout and cool content, but I'm just not super into the idea of killing "yodeling" natives for their jewels. The "be a conquistador!" romp is too gleeful for me.

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excellent - this product rules!

tiny semantic style question: why style it as Bastard's and not Bastards on the cover?

Small error catch - the digital edition has duplicate numbers in the Boons list (1-2, rather than 3-4 and 5-6 in a few places).

This game is awesome!

Are there separate character sheets for Cantrip anywhere? I love the game!

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work in progress! i'm going chapter by chapter but cohost's post editor is a pain <3


i absolutely ADORE this!! one small question - when it says to roll class when transformed, is that a base bastards class on top of the six here?

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got this in the bundle, but the Drive link is dead?

super excited for this!!

Just grabbed my copy!


This sounds truly spectacular. Can’t wait!

Our Songs campaign ends on monday, and the system has carried us through one of the greatest stories any of us have ever told together. Thank you for this amazing game - excited to see it cross the finish line!