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Thunderous Echo

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Technically, it is n-body. But yeah, more chaotic levels would have been good.

Sorry, I don't use Twitter. My discord is Thunderous Echo#6715.

Hey, I got the game to say that it will play me music, but when I reopen it it accuses me of reinstalling the game and does not play music. Is this a bug?

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This is a really good game.

(Scored 90.60 and 86.)


I agree with everything PlugWorldG said, including the part about it being a great game. I would pay for a more fleshed-out version of this.

I tried to. Nothing happened.

I'm getting stuck on the first level- pressing X and Space has no effect.

I would pay money for this.


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Oh, mine's

what is H A P P E N N I N G ?

Holy shit. The atmosphere.


Also, you totally missed the chance to call this game 'Only One DPI'.

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I experienced this too. Great game, though.

This is great. Scored 535.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I consider such things... advanced strategies.

Glad you enjoyed it!

If ya know what I mean...

Got 10 kills.

Scored 1305. This is some impressive polish for a game made in 48 hours!

Proof that a game doesn't need to be difficult to be good.

How did you put in so much polish? This was a 48-hour jam!

I considered adding different colors, but I felt it would take the challenge out of the 212212212 section of the first level.

I agree with your assessment about the level of challenge. I haven't been able to do the 4 key 4 lock part at the end of level 1.


Yeah, adding key rebinding will be the first thing I do if I continue working on it after the jam. I'm glad you enjoyed!

Ours is about  ground-pounding.

Scored 15.



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The game didn't work on my machine- I just got a silent, black screen.

Edit: I'm on 64-bit Windows 10.

Made it to wave 4.

Got 21.

Scored 153 with the bow. Had fun.

Glad you enjoyed!

Feels zoomed in a bit too far, but otherwise good.

Is one Too Difficult but also Much Good

yes for many reasons good