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Thanks a lot team, we have hosted a sale on this creator's day.

however our team is investigating the issue, if we will find the same issue then in 24 hour we will update the game.

you can contact support team by visiting this link : and share game and paypal email address and invoice no to get refund

have you tried again? Because we wre getting only single game crash in our backend, that was due to sensor issue.  All other players are playing fine with same version. Please retry or you can raise ticket for refund. team will initiate refund.

For refund you can simply email to support, they will do it. We can't refund, as we have no control of doing it.

Hello, which device you are using? 


We have fixed the issue , you can update to new version.

Thank you


We have fixed the issue , you can update to new version.

Thank you

Thanks for feedback, forwarded feedback to designer team and if found the issue, we will update in next 24-48 hours.

Hi, thank you for feedback. We are looking into issue and will try ro update in next 24-48 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Yes, already under review by the oculus team. Soon will be available on Oculus AppLab And Oculus Store (Rift/S)

Thank you for the quick response and glad to know that it is working fine. Thank you so much again.

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Hello, please download the new version. We have Added 90 Hz support and also fixed the multiplayer connection issue.

Please check and if possible then update us if its working or not. Thanks

Hello, Sorry for the issue you faced.  You have to simply generate code and share it with friends. That's it. We have checked on the server, we are looking into the issue and will get back to you shortly with an update. Do not worry. We will give the best solution. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful in-depth review, we are already working on other activities to add in an upcoming update. Hope you will share a review of that update too. Thanks a lot for understanding from a developer aspect.

Thanks for the feedback. We will change spell mistakes.

Thanks for feedback and we are working on it to make multiplayer mode to enjoy with friends and other people. In that update we will try to fix this stuff also. Thanks a lot

Hi, This is VR experience game, which includes activities like climbing ladder, rope climbing, hang gliding etc. Video shows very clear what kind of experience you will get. If you like to play game for hours then this is not for you and if you like to get some good VR experience then you can try this. 

Hope now you might have clear idea.