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Is dragon P III route not ready? I found her but I am unable to awaken her anyone else able to do so? Been looking forward to this one.

As stated by RenaissanceDreemurr you may use a dragon progeny if they have the ability there is also another means of flight in game as well available to the knight.

That's her regular dialogue I have been waiting for her to even just go to the tavern since I did the quest and no luck :/ 

Was the ability for Skele P also taken out to eat the mushroom that keeps freezing up after she does during dialogue.

Thank you very much on the quick reply. I did forget to get the patch after the update came out works fine now.

I got to get Skele P in my party after going through her quest line and got her pregnant. I had saved her from a siege since part of the quest said by any means necessary and it just happened the castle was under attack. But after my night with her in camp when I try to switch to her I get this err.  

Same problem doubt this was intended but tried multiple times to see if was just a one time glitch it's not. You can even go to the top inside and see the outside as the frozen island through the windows and change on your way down. 

The City you are looking for if you haven't found it is near DP II. There is a cave east of the castle go through and the town is on the other side.