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Another way to get to those places are with Dragon progeny. Hit ctrl when you have them and you can fly anywhere for a limited distance.

I sent the save. Hope there is a solution.

Thank you

I maxed out my endurance, but still no dice. 

I can't seem to get Amelie into my party. I did the Paladin quest, but each night I meet her at the Tavern She just invites the knight to a drink, and wake up in the morning. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something?

Glitch with the Hammerhead docks. Entering the lighthouse and then exiting will take me to the port town up north in Dragon Princess II's reign. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention. The additions are really nice btw.

Oh nice. Thank you for clearing that up. Just wanted to know because I know 16.9 will be coming out soon with the massive additions and I didn't know if the old save data could process it. I honestly cant wait!

Question, will transferring save data from a previous version of the game to the most recent version cause any kind of bugs or problems? 

I think I glitched out somewhere. I got at least 6 affinity with the Dragon Queen, but the guards won't let me in. Do I have to have full affinity or something?

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something weird with the affinity menu. Mouse Princess just blinks in and out of view. Just something to note.

Some animation boxes for some of the princesses are coming up completely blank. Is this a glitch or are they just placeholders for new animations to come?

Having trouble figuring out how the Red Thread Rings work. I combined one of them, snuck them into the Princess' room, but each time I try to use them, I get the message from the knight ,  "I'm curious to see what happens, but... maybe another time." Is there a step i'm missing?

For some reason when I set the princesses to random mode, i'm unable to change their outfits. Is there a way to fix it?

I think there are some bugs with some of the princess quests. For Golem Princess, after defeating Spider Princess, the webs fencing the throne room are still present, followed by dialogue from the knight. And for the Rabbit Princess quest, no matter what the cellar door remains locked. Any way to fix this?

Howdy, here to report a really odd occurrence. I don't know how but one of the princesses gave birth to a different princess species. She was also due for two children, and ended up only having one. It's a real head scratcher that is for sure.

excuse me, this is my first rodeo with PC games. I bought the game, and downloaded all of the stuff, but I have no idea how to run the game. Pls help.