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A member registered Dec 23, 2016

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There is a Bug (or a feature ? i dont know) that when you play a while some items stop spawning like no barrels,and wood is that normal ?

BUT: I know a fix 4 this just go to Menu and reload it then everything should work fine !

tab or b or v

read the faq

had the same problem

push r

I PLAYED IN ONE SLOT 5 hours but when i respawned i was unter the raft so i drowned

.....thats not good

push "R" Butto0n

sometimes you cant harvest potatoes

add a water tank 4 both salt and purified and like everyone i want da CHESTS too have an nice day

Add a texture about 4 stages like 75% integrity 50% 25% and broken so you have to do 3 texture stages

be 4 i reloaded the game i had a bug that only barrels spawned is that normal ? now its okay again that happendend like Wushhh no more items

ah Thanks man !

vote the main comment up so the developer/s can see it

I have the same problem do you know how to fix this ?