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Haha, fortunately the engine we've used, PuzzleScript, cannot support multiple inputs at once.

Update on this: the game should now tell you if it's having trouble saving. Follow the above instructions if you get the "Save failed: local storage full" error.

Alternatively, if you get the "Save failed: local storage unavailable", this means your browser settings may not be allowing the game to save to local storage (or you are in incognito mode).

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Hello! We've had someone else report a similar issue in Firefox. It seems the problem is that all web games share the same local storage which has a default limit of 5MB in Firefox, so if you've played a bunch of web games in the past on, you might be hitting that limit now.

Just to confirm that's what's going on, if you open the game directly via its CDN URL ( and then right click the page, choose "Inspect", the developer console will open, where you can choose the "Console" tab. On the console tab, you should see some red error messages where things have started to go wrong. If it says something about a setItem quota for local storage, you definitely have the same problem.

I can look into how to better handle this in the game, but a simple workaround for now is to clear or clean out your local storage for the CDN domain. In that same developer console, you can go to the "Storage" tab, expand "Local Storage" and select the CDN domain in the list (""), which will then show all of your saved data. You can selectively delete these items (or clear them all, which removes all save data from web games).

Alternatively, you can clear site data for the full CDN (this will achieve the same thing, but less selectively). Once again with the game open at the CDN URL (, go to your Firefox settings, then "Privacy & Security", then in the "Cookies and Site Data" section click on the "Manage Data..." button. Here, select the site and click "Remove Selected" and then "Save Changes".

Let me know how you get on with this. Hope you can enjoy the game soon!