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I LOVE seeing these old Game Jam games being made public and playable!

That sounds amazing.  Although yesterday I was working through a long level, and it seemed so long, and then it got very empty (no enemies) and eventually I realized that I had turned around and gone all of the way back to the beginning without realizing it. So maybe I will not be so good at mazes. Haha :)  It was still fun though.

Yes, I need to learn to use the turn counter to keep my cord form tangling.
I felt like the cord tangling was ruining my immersion, but I started to remember that I am not in the maze, I'm operating a robot in the maze, so obviously there is a cord. Like, the maze is "real", the robot is "real", I'm "real", and that made me feel immersed again.

One thing that I really enjoy is the real sense of vertigo I get when out on those high ledges! I find my knees getting week when I try to get too close to the edge, which is crazy to feel that way in VR when I know I'm in my own house with nothing to fall off of. It is amazing. Who knows, this game might even help me become less afraid of heights through exposure. :)

Wonderful game. I was surprised at how long I played. 

I *REALLY* appreciate that you allow for a "no-die" play option so I can just enjoy the world.

I really enjoy the world you are building, I hope you keep expanding on it.

One thing I wish is that the route wasn't linear, like if it branched off and you had to make decisions, or even backtrack at times, like a labyrinth. Or maybe it does and I just missed it? LOL

Now if I could only sort out how to prevent my cable from getting so twisted up! :)