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Hiya! I kind of want to get the new map, but I would like to hear some pros and cons from the community and players who have bought the DLC. Thanks in advance for any responses I recieve! :)

I didn't know that it could be an imposter? I thought it was just a glitch when a player left at a certain point when the game loaded.

Yes, we actually voted the unnamed player out and it continued the game like normal. So if you have one of these guys on your server, don't vote them out, it's a waste of time.

Thanks! I got the bedcrab bundle and the lil brown one is really cute. If possible I will report bugs to you.

You can set some more tasks etc to balance the game

Have you become imposter yet? If not restart  your game or device

Try to re-download the game or restart your phone/computer, maybe that will fix your problem

The mobile app is free, so basically that is a "tutorial" version. 

There are actually servers for different languages, and the Spanish, Latin people etc. are on the wrong servers. Kindly tell them to go on the right language server.

It's not free for PC because you automatically get all skins and hats free for PC so that's why it costs money

Hey! I love Among Us and I was wondering: If I buy a pet, can other people see my pet? Also can some people respond to this with bugs they experienced with a pet? I want to know if it is worthwhile to buy a pet bundle.