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hello there ! I would be interested to join you in a project of a metroidvania . I started unity 2 years ago and tried to improve my skills on programming . I finished one game so far (you can check on my profile) and I will finish a second one soon  :) don’t hesitate to contact me on my discord  thilmis#7825 if you are still interested :) 

Nice ! Thank you :) I will definitely try to make something out of it. I will tag if so :)

Really nice work ! Unfortunately the spritesheets is in .psd is there a way you could let us download it in .png instead ?

Thanks ! :)

I like the Hyper light drifter vibe ;) 

Nice work! 

I love the animations ! 

Great job !

Thank you Ansimuz for the tileset, I used it in my cyberpunk platformer ! put you in the credits !

I used your asset in my cyberpunk platformer, if you have some time go check it ! :)

Hey Ansimuz ! I really like this pack ! I used it in my cyberpunk game ! If you have time go check it :)

Hello! very nice work ! I love the style. I am using it for a small project ! i will credit you once done ! 
I suggest to add a climb animation on the striker, it could be a nice feature for platformers ;)