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Hola Leo! Te lo dejo bien simple con unas imágenes que armé, pero sí, ¡básicamente elegís la versión que querés y la descargás!

¡Espero que esto te ayude y de que disfrutes de mi juego!   Cualquier cosa entrate al Discord (aviso, sólo Inglés!)

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Hello there, Arale!

The essential controls for this game are quite simple:

Basic movement: WASD for movement; Shift for running; CTRL for crouching/sneaking.
Interaction: E / LMB to interact with the game world.
Dialogue: LMB, Z, E, SPACE to continue dialogue; hold CTRL to accelerate text; X or RMB to try and cancel the dialogue.
Mechanic: F7 to load a slot; ESC to pause.

Those are the most important controls really! I hope this was useful for you :D

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Hey there yankyunk!

Oh, yes, this is a known bug that will be fixed in the next release, along with many new features and improvements of course!

Hahahah, the game does have its fair share of difficulty..

I just hope you had a good time overall!

Hello there druski! Nice to see you again :D

So, currently there isn't a way to "delete" save files in-game, you can only replace them with new save files, but there exists a way "out-game" to delete save files..

Go to the folder  c:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Changed3D\Saved\SaveGames\
And just delete the save file you'd like!

Hey-ho Malady! So in short:  No, this game is not cancelled, and we are in active development!

In long: originally we were going to cancel the development of Changed3D, but later we decided it was paused and not canceled, then, with careful consideration, thinking and time, we thought that it would be better to continue development and open up a Patreon.

The reason we had decided before to stop the development is because we cannot work for free, and DragonSnow didn't want us selling the game on Steam, but later on we realized that we could give out the game free and not have legal issues, while having a Patreon so that we could both continue working on Changed3D (which I'm genuinely happy to do so) while being able to live with it!

I'm glad you're liking where the game is going, and hope that this clarifies things further!

The link was updated.  Sorry about that.  Here it is just in case:

Thank you for letting us know!

Hello there Zack! I hope you're doing well.

The valid way I know of to activate cheats is to "beat the game," i.e. get to the end of Box Puppies (Special Edition) part or the end of the Crystal Zone (Standard Edition).

After that, you can press the "I" key for Intransfurrable mode, and "Space" key to jump.

Hope this helps you!

Thank you! I hope to continue this project in the future :)

Or at least make some interesting updates o.o



Huh? What do you mean precisely?

Ohh, sad indeed 😿

Yeah, the game is demanding, it's not an RPG-Maker packaged game, it's an Unreal Engine packaged game, so it needs newer technology to be run appropiately!

Hello you Toaster-Needing-Name!

Hmm, I don't think you can install SPUD, as that is a plugin only installed In-Editor.

You might need to upgrade your graphics driver to the latest version, or you can try running the pre-requisites installer found inside the game's folder.

If nothing else works, you can send me a log. Or you even send it through the Changed3D's Discord!

Hey Spinni, hmmm, I need to investigate it and see if it's feasible to compile the game for Linux! If I succeed, you will see a new packaged version for Linux :)

Hey Reavus! You're welcome! I'm really happy to that you like the game!!!

It's possible to make some of those things you mentioned... in the future..

Due to legal reasons, I cannot continue to make Changed3D (we contacted DragonSnow and he denied us) for the time being, since I cannot work so much for free, I won't live forever in this world so I consider my time valuable.

So the team and I are making a brand new project based on Changed3D, much more ambitious!

Though don't worry, I might add some unique new things to Changed3D in time, like survival mode or boss rush...

Thank you! 😸

That's right 😺

Hello termi!

You can try these two things:

  1. Update your graphics driver to the latest version
  2. Try execute the pre-requisites installer that comes with the game at the location: \Changed3D\Windows\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UEPrereqSetup_x64.exe

Check if one of these things work!

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Hello/Hola Wuilker!

Me alegro que tengas ganas de ayudarnos y que te interese! He visto tu proyecto de Changed: The Visitors y me ha gustado mucho la originalidad, tienes una mente creativa!

Por otro lado, no me quedó claro con qué quieres ayudar exactamente... ¿tienes experiencia con Unreal Engine? ¿O deseas ayudar en el desarrollo en otro aspecto?

Mira, mejor puedes comunicarte con Alex, que es el Project Lead ¡a través de nuestro Discord!

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Hey, sorry.

Two things: sending you the .uproject won't work and you won't be able to start it, you'd need the entire project, and second, it's too dangerous for me to do that. I can tell you how I technically made certain things in the game if you'd like?

Hahaha, 'AT ALL COST'.

Okey, contact me on DISCORD or GUILDED and I will help you!

Hello RK! Sorry for not replying earlier..

I can send you a localization file, not the .uproject file! Let me check tomorrow or in the week and I will send you a localization file!

Hello Tencas Blue!

Hmm, I'm afraid that's not possible! The game is too resource-expensive, and a phone would not be able to run the game even if it wanted. And the adaptation to a phone would be even harder to achieve.


The game did not pass the optimization of all resources.  We are still in development so I can imagine it will consume more than usual.  We will optimize the game on later patches.

Mmm, try one of these solutions:

  • Update your graphics driver to the latest version
  • Delete everything inside of the folder c:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Changed3D

If it still doesn't work, a log would be useful, which can be found at: c:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Changed3D\Saved\Logs\   (folder should automatically be created when trying to run the game).

Hello Joe!

Absolutely no! This game is SafeForWork, there is no nudity, sexual content nor gore.

This is a fan-made 3D production of the original Changed game made by Dragon Snow. If there was something NSFW in the OG Changed, I have modified it to be SFW.

Hello shallowfoam!

Without the logs, a video or more information I have no clue how to help you.

Please expand on your issue!

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Hello RK3588!

Well, you need to be more specific in how I can help. Project document? Which/What is it you need? Could you expand further?

Ah, sorry!  Forgot to reply!   I've read it and I'll respond here:

The one step function, I don't think it should be made that way truly, it would bring about a lot of issues! And the game needs it's own differentiation from the original Changed. But thanks though for the feedback!

Thank you very much lksx_ymx!

I'm very happy that you like the new 3D models! It's the experience that I've gathered thus far plus the feedback that I've gotten.

There's more to come in the near future :D

Thank you joey!!

I'm always trying my best, and my ultimate objective is to provide an enjoyable experience!

Hello... kldnljhwl?

You can change the game language on the Main Menu screen by clicking at the down-most right corner where it says 'es-AR', that should change it to 'en-US'.

You're welcome very much!

Hello jack!

The Quick Time Event (QTE) or struggle point should be beaten by repeatedly pressing the Spacebar key.

If it's not working, it can either be an odd game bug or an error in your system and your input registration.

Hello Lucassiert!

Okey, logs and crashlogs should be located at:


First clear the logs and crashlogs, then launch the game and notice the newly generated logs, send those. (Notice: if the crashlog is a whole folder with files, zip the folder and send the zip).

Hmm, the latest game version is now in DirectX 12, not 11, perhaps you have old drivers? Try installing the latest.

This game is quite demanding, so check that you have a strong enough PC and that your drivers are up to date, if the problem persists, you can send me the crash logs and I will see if there's anything I can do!

I'm glad you like this project!

Me too, I'd like to make every part of the original game a reality in 3D!

You are welcome :D

Hello ProtoGaming!

Yes, surely:

The  floor's  tiling  is  the  key. Look from the right way and the code will become cohesive.