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I'm so happy :D

I hope that this game will be update as soon as possible because the "Demo" is beautiful :D

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I just found out what caused that BUG I mentioned a couple of weeks ago: when I press the SHIFT key to be able to create a complete line, sometimes the preview line does not appear; it seems that the absence of this preview line, changing the frame and try to create the whole line, is the cause of this BUG. I hope this is the correct cause of the BUG and I also hope to be helping to improve this fantastic program :) !

Thank you very much :D !

I highly recommend adding the export directly in GIF format, as it could be very useful to use only one application, rather than creating a frame sequence in Pixelorama and then opening other applications such as GIMP in order to create the actual GIF, please <3

There is a problem, maybe a bug or something similar, with both of the Linux versions, that created a Segmentation Fault (Core Dump). It is a very peculiar thing: I add a new frame or clone an existing one, then I use the pencil to colour some pixels; when I need to do an entire line, I use the Shift button, but when I move my Pad (it's a portable PC) Pixelorama crashes in a Segmentation Fault (Core Dump).

I also see this Warning on the Ubuntu Terminal, but I think this is something in my PC:

WARNING: _png_warn_function: iCCP: profile 'ICC profile': 'RGB ': RGB color space not permitted on grayscale PNG
   At: drivers/png/image_loader_png.cpp:71.

So, I hope this will help you to improve Pixelorama, because it is a very nice tool :)