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Awesome man, will definitely follow the progress on the game :)

There is something so satisfying about launching those chickens into the spikes. I'm not sure how you've done it, but great job xD

This is a perfect arcade game: it's instantly obvious how to play and what the objective is; the aesthetics are charming and show exactly what each object does; and the game gives you amazing feedback. With some more level set pieces this could easily be a mobile hit. Amazing job, one of my favourites from the jam!

Amazing concept. Amazing execution. Everything from the difficulty progression to the cute art blends to create an amazing game, which perfectly fits the theme. Great job!

A very clever twist on a classic game, which completely changes how it plays. Simple but hard to master gameplay and appealing aesthetics makes this a great little game to pick up and play for a few minutes; could definitely see this as a mobile game. 

Very smart, original concept, with clean, crisp aesthetics. There are a few annoyances when playing, such as not being able to shoot the specimens with the side guns when they are at the top of the chamber, but overall a very enjoyable experience.