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"simp o'clock" I'm onto you

Bam. Ready for the next chapter to see what the game will be about!

I have to finish the first one first. :p

I almost wish I had a project that I would want to use a cell phone mechanic.

Why yes.

Good Job!

It should be a compliment that I remember at all.

Fuck, that was fast. I haven't played the BM updated yet.

Good Job

*does a kickflip*

I have some mixed feelings overall. 

Hope you all find some cool games to play.

Only two.

Thank you! I appreciate the comment.

I really need to get current with this game.



It is especially funny because I don't need an account to right-click. 


It's out!

I'll just scratch dispair of my to-do list.

V4mp tells me there is a whole team behind you. So, should I start saying team tiim?

Hey, Tiim

Good question. I'm not completely decided on it. I will for sure have a version with all of the files from chapters 1 and 2. I don't see a lot of other people releasing new updates as patches but it isn't hard to do if I keep the files sorted. I was thinking I'd to both a patch and an entire package because itchio seems to promote a game more when there are multiple uploads, anyway. 

Get cucked, Apple.

Now, I wish I had saved me "and another one" comment.

And another one!

It is called Honey Select.

Is there a phrase for generously feeding redheads?

That is my entire design philosophy!

Two and a half out of four is pretty good on my "oops all redheads" scale.

Going to Reclusive Bay to find a reclusive bae.

Very cute. I enjoyed it a lot.
"Oops, all redheads" is a choice I respect.

Wow possibly. Two pretty common daz men are Adam Levine and the guy from the sexy Archie show.
This model is mostly Kayla Genis 8 model with slider adjustments but that probably sounds like gibberish. So, this is what she looked like by default.

Just look at her cute little face.

The purple hair girl looks adorable.