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My ding-ding-dong

I still have access but I paid money for a bundle.


What's the problem?

Thank you!
There is a goal in my head of what I think is reasonable and marks how often I personally want other VNs to update and it is looking like I'm going to blow past that. My progress reports are free and I post them on devlogs every third wednesday of every month.
This is the progress report from October




Lay them on me

Hello early players and testers!


Thank you!
And it's glitter under her eye. I haven't devided it I want to snuff out those pixels, yet.

jump jump jump

bounce bounce bounce

Uploaded a hot fix to make the words all fit on the screen. 

You're welcome.

Oh, I completely forgot. I also updated the Android release of Candied Oblivion. Last week I released it a 1080 version that was smaller than my 720 version. I made a blog post about it on CO.

Then I uploaded a hot fix that makes all the words fit on the screen. Thumbs up.

We've only known about it for a few days. We are all independent, some people are not really sure what to do, and most don't talk about boring stuff like payment proccessor problems. But it looks like we are going to have to.

beneath the pale moon light...

I usually say that I can't wait for the release but I make myself busy and never play things right when I download them. So, I obvously can wait. Hope things are going well!

Thank you for playing!
I have broken up a few statements to make up for the bigger font after I dropped the textbox. But if they work fine in fullscreen mode, I might not want to mess with it more. I'll have to think about it. Thank you again!

Don't invest in me. You sound like a pain. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

This is the four games. People vote for their favorite. Candied Oblivion is finished.

I don't know a lot about android games. I can see if there is a better apk for it. How old or new is your phone?

Sure sounds like a lot. We never think things will take as long as they do. That's why I started plotting out hard numbers.

How many words written-how many more scenes to write.

How many image plotted out.

I was making it renders while writing the story but it is easiest for me to get the writing done first and use early renders as references and jump-off points for later renders. Then, I can see how many more renders I need to do and divide that by how many renders I can do in a week.

Some days I can make dozens of renders. Sometimes, it takes me an hour to set up a scene. Then there is the times when I decide I'm tired of this angle and I change it all over again and double my work.

Good luck!

"simp o'clock" I'm onto you

Bam. Ready for the next chapter to see what the game will be about!

I have to finish the first one first. :p

I almost wish I had a project that I would want to use a cell phone mechanic.

Why yes.

It should be a compliment that I remember at all.

Fuck, that was fast. I haven't played the BM updated yet.

Good Job

*does a kickflip*

I have some mixed feelings overall. 

Hope you all find some cool games to play.

Only two.

Thank you! I appreciate the comment.

I really need to get current with this game.