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I appreciate you telling me this because I am  frankly illiterate

It may not be cheat mode exactly, I have something similar, however it may have retroactively given me scenes that I would have gotten anyways. What I mean is that I got almost all the scenes, and when new art is put it, it may have been attatched to those scenes, instead of checking if I saw the image. Just a guess.

you dont need a dropbox account to download the patreon version. dropbox doesnt need you to make an account

yeah i find that stealing the shield with my virginity is no longer an option

also adding a new visual

Don't forget a special scene that only comes today!

You don't have to do both level 1 and virgin but it does save time.

I try to max all my stats however that is not the point. The point is to prioritize stats. It depends what you want to do. If you want easy battles you can do agility, and strength, with a moderate focus in endurance. You can then spend more time watching where you go if needed which will result in more food being used. Or you could dump everything into magic and run a glass cannon. I min/maxed the game so much before so that NOW I can enjoy the game by playing how I want. Either playing specific roles and whatnot. 

For combat, you can safely invest into spring attack and crushing blow to get a grasp of the basics. What it does is sort of a midrange between solid damage and minor buffs. 

Later you can practice with footing advantages, like knocking them down to get bonuses, or destroying their armor.

Bleeding is incredibly useful for certain builds and even attacking certain areas. It is fun how many factors can be taken into account once you get the hang of it since there are so many ways to enjoy the game, but if I were to start over again, I would just focus on the stances people have (Such as being on the ground, kneeling, standing up to get back into fights), and making sure to block if there are times when they build up to big attacks.

It forces a bad end. Impregnation is just a byproduct of it I believe. as in the condoms wouldnt mean anything since it is just a bad end. Also it wouldnt make sense how she tries to dominate you and doesnt take it off

I dont believe you can imprgnate a naga. For the bad end that you are likely talking about, I believe it is designed to be a bad end. As in you are stuck there, she could feasibly take the condom off now that you are there forever, and then that will be your purpose.


I mean a 100% save is impossible to do without cheating. Some scenes are inaccessible after some updates removing certain scenes from story mode. Some scenes are just seemingly impossible to trigger. I have a 99% save but I want to only post it when I get everything I can legitly first. Having trouble with like 2 scenes right now.

It is a team of two people.

As the title says, I'm just trying to figure out how to trigger the encounter.

Good builds are relative. Any class is playable, but you have to focus on what you want. Warrior, thief are very good physical stat classes. Mage is obviously good for magic builds. Enchanter is a great class to make well rounded builds. Paladin is alright for either a sort of magic build or physical build. Ranger is for moderate physical builds.

So for what stats are good:

Agility: combat(damage), combat(footing), good for stat checks, good for stealing

Endurance: combat (stamina), stat checks, carrying armor

Perception: combat (knowing next move), surveying, Stat checks

Strength: combat (stamina), stat checks

Charisma: stat checks

As you can see agility is pretty much the most important stat when it comes to making characters.

Also it depends if you are trying to get achievements done and how to do those.

level 1 to kill the demon king

total virgin to kill the demon king

are the two achievements that are pretty difficult

2 builds that can sort of solo the whole thing is either a max agility/strength orc fighter/thief or a mage with ridiculous magic stats.

please take note that there are mimics which make this terribly hard. make sure to survey a great deal or to have high perception, otherwise you wont be able to be a virgin.

Now if you just want general play tips:

Things to watch out for are stat check encounters.

usually it is perception or agility so having decent stats of 7-8 in either should be good.

Also it depends on how you want to play. If you want to be a virgin, perception is incredibly important. If you want physical fights, agility and strength are amazing. If you want magic, enchanter or mage are pretty fun to play.

items to pick up almost every time are broadsword or gladius, reinforced shield( thief can get it if high enough agility and doesn't mind not being a virgin), gauntlets of strength (shop or giantess encounter), shoes of running, helm of wisdom, diamond plate, battle skirt, hunger charm (random encounter), any stat charm you may be lacking (witch), and a shield charm or magic charm are available at the outpost.

the encounters that can end a run for virgin that are a pain are ghosts(either completely avoid them or have good magic stats), beastmistress (have good perception), mimics (have very good surveying, can be a byproduct of perception), dark knight (be able to beat her through any means necessary), elf pond gives you a mandatory kiss if you didn't drink the water after the second encounter, werewolf needs perception, harpies need perception or agility, and brigands need perception.

If you have any questions let me know.

my second part of my question is if it was specific to the game not just As in is it the game that is having difficulties or is it downloading anything through

You are all good. Are all of the problems from specifically? like you can download other things from other sites or have you only tried downloading on and specifically this? This is assuming all of your devices are indeed fine and your internet fine as well.

I have not. What sort of problems have you been having?

Anybody have an idea of how to get your opponent to have sex with one of the companions? Like get them into a cornhole stance or something?

Just wanted to say that I loved the game. The faces are just amazing. Not sure if you already do this but timelapse videos of you painting your art would be sick. Even if it is just for Subscribestar

having trouble with harpies flocking breeding ground when the elite continually dive bombs and I stay crouched, after their stamina is reduced to 0 they continue to dive bomb me.

Relating the the story mode village where it used to become a hallowed site where you would meet the angel in the first half so you could not finish returning the gold to the villagers, it now no longer becomes a hallowed site after initially returning to the same spot, however it is not the village either it is simply nothing.

Handjobs for warlock would be really cool if they improved crank master skill like the ass eating does.

i just beat the demon lord with magic alone dude.

For moderate encounters you can run around zapping people with a quickcast thunderbolt

for boss encounters you put them to sleep and cast inflict wounds. 

you can keep up the magic by withdrawing some from your reserves with the chant ability

Its totally viable my man. 10 magic is easy to obtain with a mage and that is all you really need. You got the chastity cage, the magic charm, enchanting your skirt for magic for an easy 3 magic bonus to stats not even including the perk points you can use.

I think it is incredible (not busted, I don't want majallis getting the wrong idea and nerfing mages again) for taking out all sorts of opponents. You can take down just about all opponents with it.

Also keep in mind that classes that cant go high with magic make up for it with their physical stats. You can keep the tempo going with casting sleep to then chant and reforge your gear to start attacking again. Also inflict wounds is a hell of a spell which rewards high investment into magic ability.

Also if you want to draw more mana that is what you use your perk points for as opposed to physical stats with a mage

Classes that used magic as a stat was normally pretty weak after the paralyze was moved from incantation to full incantation but with this new update classes like mage dont have to be built to have simply high agility to go through the game there is variation in how to create your character and it is actually viable. I absolutely love these new changes and it is so much fun! I think the balance between classes is pretty close to perfect. What are other's thoughts on this?

I dont think that the spells being 20 damage without armor piercing is what is considered op.

Spell casting is already good. you can quickcast a 40 + damage spell over two turns and the inflict wounds is now pretty damn decent with the rework providing defensive capabilities for wizards and making it harder for bleed to be inflicted makes it all the more rewarding.

i mean with perception high enough you can check out different paths to get to the same goal which is your "decision" making extent. You could think of the encounters as the decisionmaking. I dont know whether you are asking for more extensive encounters with different minute options or if you can choose different encounters entirely. Could you perhaps provide an example

if you are on windows you can just download the new game. The save files are now stored in app data now in the roaming bit so that the save file is on the pc. so you can just run the new one and delete the old one.

Curious how is kylira able to get anally fucked by a goblin in order to become a goblin mama? By being fucked while battling when the goblin is horny amidst fighting?

I found a bug when losing to the werewolf, in heat.

When i lose, even though i dont have a chastity cage on, it plays the background of hiro with a cage on. 

Also even though it plays the scene


it does not play


even though that is how i lost that particular fight. by getting anally fucked by a werewolf.

very cool stuff. The inflict wounds with sleep is very cool for boss fights i find. similar to the paralyze locks you could put on the demon lord. 

increase mana reserves even more would be cool, I just love casting spells.

its something that pops up if you screw up the game files. for those goofy save file editors. kinda like an easter egg.

Absolutely loving the rebalances. buffing of wizard kinda. Maybe a wand can come out to replace the traditional weapons so that wizards can cast spells with an additional modifier and can store mana to use for one encounter per day. say 50 extra mana per day (or something greater for a boss fight)

Well I would say that mage is better than it has been in a while since way back 2 years ago, paralyze was easy to use and only on 2 turns. now it is back to 2 turns with quickcast. However the real strength of mage is the high magic to get decent crystals each level up to put into items. Granted i dislike the mana cap put on these guys even furtherand would like it buffed but we got to take one step at a time.

Demon king having armor is not what makes it hard. It had armor for a while. Now it has specialized armor that is even tougher and is harder to sunder. It has a durability of like 200 for each piece. Her groin is her weak spot so constant low attacks are pretty decent which leads to bleeding. Another note is that bleeding has sort of been nerfed however it isnt too bad since you benefit too. You can stack up bleed much faster by constant groin shots with low attack while blocking every so often to get some decent bleed damage in the second phase (first phase now heals the bleed once it is over).

I would suggest something like greater mana capacity. A step in the right direction was evasion for spellcasting, however i believe that a needed improvement for warlock would be something that allows you access to your full mana base for a whole encounter however it would take a few days to recharge. being able to sling spells would be freaking awesome. Going full spellcaster instead of using the crystals to upgrade armor. Enchanter is a way better class now especially with the well rounded perk getting 2 more slots. 

really wizard just needs better spellcasting ability as in way WAY more mana and a better way for magic spells to stack like bleed. For now we have inflict wounds which is a nice start and 6 bleed per cast for me wasnt too bad, however it wasnt as effective as just bludgeoning them.

Something that i really want for a wizard would be a wand that you could buy in monsters or something that would drop mana costs for abilities to one and double the damage for each spell cast or each spell cast would be effective as if you had twice the magic stat. That would be really epic. IT would be balanced since the bosses already have an incredibly high health and this would be working with the spells at hand.

I was initially skeptic on how getting the total virgin level 1 playthrough would go after this update but it is the same as always. just orcblood all stats in physical ones and running warrior (thief high agility cant steal as well anymore). you put all perk points into these things and you get very nice gear. diamond plate with battleskirt all the special enchanted items. Stealing also is out of wack so I dont think it is right to just steal items but taking out bank loans just to meet puca the bunny isnt bad and is a pretty good deal. not too hard to beat.

I was able to get the total virgin level 1 playthrough though so it was cool. Though I hate how the best way to play the game is just high physical stats. Making magic a decent contender would be pretty cool. At least in story mode you have an interaction that needs magic.

The fight that actually is very hard to beat is the tentacle witch since she has all combat moves unlike the demon king. Also her armor is tough as hell and reduces it by so much and she constantly disarms you. I had to have max grip strength and on top of that double it with an enchantment just to hold onto my weapon (40 grip was nt cutting it  even though her attack only takes away 16)

Armor sundering is fine for higher level character to try and be efficient with fewer hits, i think it is stronger for each hit too. Just get the sundering perk. (Also acid scroll only deals like 30 armor damage to the 200 durability or whatnot of the demon king)

I really just want each class to be viable and hope majalis buffs magic again. It used to be good because of paralyze but they nerfed that to hell and now the mana base, however the dodging while casting is very cool. Please make magic great again.

A few things have changed with the demon king not sure about the last time you played, however broadsword and greatword arent as good as they used to be. they sed to have the stats agility+strngth /2 now it is divided by 3. also Demon king does have armor this time it is a lt better.

Every so often the cock animation gets reversed. the base of the penis is normally to the left and the head is normally to the right. Every so often during encounters the base is to the right and the head of the penis is to the left. It would then be in the same orientation as my opponent. 

The second bug I would like to bring up is that when receiving multiple items at once, like when getting the scrolls from beating Alma, you only get one scroll, or if you steal multiple items, you only get 1 item. The other one just disappears. Not even the shop still has it. Also sometimes when stealing an item, you dont even get the item, or at least I only noticed it in story mode.

Love the game. Thank you so much. I remember way back when it was first announced! I can't believe how far it has come!

Not sure if this is already known but in story mode, after going to the village to try and get the money back for the village, the place disapears and you cannot return the money back to the villagers that was stolen from them.

Also from story mode stick is no longer available when you used to be able to walk back to the tile you started the game from, the stick scene would appear but it doesnt anymore. I dont recall how long ago this change happened but I just noticed it recently.

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Dude you are freaking awesome! thank you very much. 

The defeat spare was a scene that i have in my game but it is a few versions behind. The scene I believe is still "unselectable" because it isn't finished I think in my version. 3.5

Brigand horny cant only consists of "..." so I guess you are right about it not being done.

Angel pacefist had me confused because angel facesit is what you described. I trip and fall when engaging in battle when she also tries to fight back. I was thinking something about trying to fight her and just not attacking over and over and we both just sit there.

EDIT: ANGEL PACIFIST is now triggerable. You dont attack her and just guard and it triggers the scene! THANK YOU MAJALIS!!!! (my ocd is killing me with being so close to 100%.)

The fire elemental scene you are explaining is not fire elemental resist but 


I found out that the fire elemental resist is when you have the resist perk, slut and and when ask to just talk. The new option is where you can branch off to the lewd scenes and that is all it is. I guess in the older version I was playing that option may not have been fully built yet or something, or i was a complete doofus

The werewolf battle knot I believe is when you die from taking the damage from being knotted, however each time that happens it just triggered a normal defeat for me, not the battle knot.

Kylira being a healer I thought was something about you suggest he becomes a healer and you might encounter them later in the game, maybe and the healing pools idk. I will have to test more. I'm in my 95% done now that story scenes are now considered part of the 100%, (before story scenes added an additional percentage so you could get like 102% in the game)

EDIT; so the werewolf battle knot anal is something that is supposed to play but what triggers it is likely the one that triggers the scene, werewolf battle knot and  it doesnt play any further, which explains  a bit to it.


demon king defeat spare

town shop sign girl

brigand horny cant



lemon king intro



werewolf battle knot anal

naga cavein lost starving


*elf healer is not the one where you suggest that kylira should be a healer, that is elf-healer-suggest*

no problemo