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Kostas and Sarah

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It won't only be on Steam :) Our demo is currently on steam and here.

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Absolutely! Streaming the progress weekly at

Thank you so much for the kind words and playing!

At the moment, you can only right-click to remove an item and change your cursor back.  We plan to change this regardless because it feels a bit messy, but if this also doesn't work for you we are going to investigate and see what's up, thanks again for letting us know!

Thanks a bunch for the lovely comment and your support!

Thanks for checking it out! I suspect this may fix it, some more folks had a problem with that.

Thanks for being so patient! 

Hi, thanks for bringing this to our attention!
We just uploaded an updated version of the demo, would you mind checking it out and letting us know if everything is cool now?

No worries and thanks for sharing, just curious if it was a matter of old graphics/modern music kind of thing! You are right that primitive instruments would totally fit in. We do however have a sci-fi theme in the whole game so I believe our composer wanted to use the current instruments so that he can combine the more new-age vibe of sci fi better when it all comes together! Your two euro cents are super appreciated!

Thanks for playing, more dinos in the works!

Thanks for the awesome review, super happy that you liked this small demo! Interested to hear more from you about the music not matching the game if you want!

Thank you very much! More of that to come in the full game!

Thanks for the guide! :D

I know what this is! The size is off! Try this! We made a post with a couple of screenshots that I hope will help.

I know what this is! The size is off! Try this! We made a post with a couple of screenshots that I hope will help.

Wow really sorry for this guys, first time we hear about it! Please email a video if that's cool for you at theropodsgame(at)gmail(dot)com

That sounds very weird, we haven't encountered that before! Let us check it out and see what we can do.

Thank you so so much for the love!

Thank you so much for playing and for the video, that was really fun to watch! Glad you enjoyed it so much and thank you for the kind words!

Thanks for playing and for the awesome playthrough! Sorry for the frustration bits , got a bit stressed myself but then you got unstuck and all was perfect :D

Thanks so much for playing Quazimofo, we will be working hard for the release!

Thanks for playing it ReapeeRon! It was very very small we agree, but hopefully we teased you enough for the final thing!

Thank you for playing, you aren't as bad as you say with the puzzles at all!

Hahaha awesome video title! Thank you for playing it, it was pretty short of course but the plan is to make it a complete game. We got a trailer out that shows hints of what is going on in the story!

Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

That was awesome and hilarious! Thanks for playing Cryptic Hybrid!

Try this! We made a post with a couple of screenshots that I hope will help.

Hehehehe good call!

Hey folks!

We are Kostas and Sarah and we are making a point and click adventure full of dinosaurs called Theropods! We just uploaded the demo on, so please have a look and tell us what you think!

ALSO we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign at the moment, so if you like the demo enough and want to support us, check it out here!

Have an awesome day!

- Kostas and Sarah