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This looks creepy AF! Definitely giving it a go!

Ahh this is amaaazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to play our game, you did very well! Glad you liked it :)

Good job! Well deserved, looking forward to seeing where this goes :)

Thanks so much for your support :D

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to comment and give us some good feedback. The other nurse cats are indeed meant to be obstacles, so they're meant to be a bit frustrating, they can be dodged. definitely agree with the stages, items and their order mattering. We're planning our next big update so hopefully, thanks to you, we can improve our game.

Thanks again for playing! :)

Awesome! Thanks for your feedback, we're brainstorming that idea at the moment, so things will happen ;)

No, so if you're looking at a particular games' stats at the top you can see views (which might not be browser plays) and downloads (which are plays, but not browser plays). There's a graph of browser plays per day, but I think the only way to see total browser exclusive plays is to add up each day's browser plays on the graph, can it be it's own exclusive value at the top?

It would be good to see a number at the top of the stats page with the number of browser plays, as views and downloads don't equate to this.


I meant the tutorial mainly, just so players don't get tooo frustrated whilst figuring it out :)

Amazing work! Love the art, lighting and rope stuff. Checkpoints could be nice in the tutorial so you don't have to restart every time?

  • Check out my new short game, Mysterious fox. Made for Bitsyjam.
  • Thanks! :)

Your wish has been granted :D!

Really interesting, I like the concept

Awesome stuff :)

Can't wait to try the finished thing :D

Ah amazing - glad you enjoyed! They are tricksy! :D

Thanks for the comment Zojdrek! Definitely agree with  that, something we'll look at doing in the future for sure :)!

Awesome style! Love it! :)

Eerie! :)

What do you think? Should we add more animals with more problems? :D

WE just finished our first game in Godot:

>Click the image<

Play in browser / download for free! Give it a go and leave us a review ! :)

Thanks for playing!

Lovely art style, how did you make this so quickly?!

Cute style! picked it up :D

This one looks interesting! :P I'll give it a play

Myself and Luke have worked hard on this one. It's our first game together, and our first "proper" game made in Godot for either of us. We worked completely remotely (obviously in the given climate :S) and had fun doing so! Hope you enjoy your game, please leave us a review :). Stay safe out there! x

Your constructive thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

Just completed it, very nice! :)