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Thanks very much! you can press the down arrow key to reverse and "r" to get unstuck

Thanks! I like that you had a cruise around, that's about all you can do right now :)

Awesome work as ever Munro :)!

Really nice work! love it :)

That's a really good idea, thanks! :)

Ah man! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Pleased you enjoyed it for what it was. I'll give you a follow.

Hey thanks for playing and giving me some feedback :)! There's a tutorial at the beginning to tell you what to do. 3 presses does make you yellow and it is the hardest change to do just because it takes the longest.

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Hey Furikan, incredible job getting to the top there! Thanks very much for playing and for your feedback.

As I'm sure you understand, this is a small slice of what the full game will be.

That is something that will be fixed, I appreciate you pointing it out to me.

The soudntrack is temporary for the moment. I plan on having a really cool gameboy music artist compose a bespoke soundtrack for the game, it will be awesome! ;)

For me Firefox didn't seem to save highscores..

Thanks again! :)

Oh wow! That's no mean feat! Welcome to the top of the board Ever! :D

Haha amazing! That's what I like to see, go get 'em everuniverse! :D 

All hail the Amazing Azapaky! Impressive stuff ;)

Looks like someone's risen to your challenge Fred ;D

I will do! Give it a follow and you'll hear about it. Join the mailing list and you can join in for the Beta :)

I've got loads of challenges planned, hopefully you'll be playing them in the not too distant future :D

Amazing Job Fred! I wonder if any challengers will arise? :D

Thanks so much for playing. I can't wait to expand this into the project I want it to be ^_^

Thanks very much, it still needs some tweaking, but the results are pleasing :D! It's the same every run right now. Thanks, looking forward to taking this one further :D

Hey, congrats on getting #1 fun game in the jam! I really liked this one  :D

Nice little sokoban clone, I enjoyed it.

ahhh yes fair enough, I’ll rework that too 👍. Thanks for your feedback 

Hey, thanks so much for playing and for your feedback.

I do quite like the 4 colour restriction, but maybe you could unlock it.

I will sort out the jumping and a reset button, and more levels and interesting obstacles for future release.

What was wrong with the respawning? 

Thanks again :)


Tac0manguy! Thanks so much for playing and WOW, I did not think 23 seconds was possible - you've smashed into the top of the leaderboard there! Thanks once again for your amazing feedback, all noted. I'll see how it does in the jam and maybe use that info...or maybe not! :D. It's a game I want to make happen ^_^

Ah you've lost your magic touch! You can dooo iiit ^_^

Hey, thanks so much for playing! Yes they are, it's an online leaderboard. 

Thanks, I'll look into that, it seems to be better on download. Glad you enjoyed the musics :).

There will be a start screen, but it was low prio for the limited time I had on this.

Thanks for your feedback :D!

Thanks very much for playing! Glad you liked it :) I'd love to hear some of your prefered palette choices if you can remember them.

Thanks very much, I'm most pleased with that aspect of it. Hehe, don't take big leaps in the dark! :D. Thanks very much for playing, yours is super awesome too! :)

Thansk for your feedback Ben, that's really awesome to hear ^_^! Yours is awesome too!

Very legit! Great GB aesthetic and really ambitous for a jam. Nice job! :D

This is really great. 100% can imagine playing this on GB. Fun game, nice graphics. Congrats :)

I struggled with the concept at first, but once you get going it's really pretty cool. congrats on tackling the 3d challenge too :).

Thanks so much! That means a lot to me. A fellow Godot user I believe? Yours was cool too :)

Thanks, I was pleased with that too. Sometimes it's just nice to hang out and forget about the clock. Nice to have options :). Thanks, yours was really cool too :)

Really cool setting. nice palette and use of dithering. Very relaxed game :)

I got stuck on level 6, but a really nice puzzle game. I'll have to come back for more :D

This is epic for this jam! Amazing work. I will have to finish it at some point :)

Thank you very much

Those pesky physics! Glad you enjoyed it up to that point :D 

Thanks so much for playing, your character is really cool too! I will have to get busy making levels when this is over then :D

Hopefully, by "ambitious" you meant I pulled it off :P. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your comment yours is really awesome :)