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How long can you stay alive as a mouse avoiding the exit button?

Great Game!

The Ultimate Meme Game

If that is what you are going for, then try learning how to use particles if the engine your using allows it.  If you particles when you press the button,  it will seem more convincing. Adding a sound that sounds like a dash will also be helpful for new players to know that it is a dash.

The game is very fun. I love the art for the game. It makes is very appealing. Some concerns that I have for it is that the controls are VERY sensitive and hard to control. Reducing the sensitivity on the controls would make the experience a little more enjoyable. Also, There is no music. I think adding music to the game would make it feel less empty because most games without music don't feel as enjoyable. If this is a space game, try and learn how to make music so you FEEL like you are in space. It is a Good Game though!

I find that the game is a bit aggravating more than challenging. if you were going to make a game that is fully related to this concept, start with an easy level. And if you are going to make a full game like this, I suggest making the game more appealing. Not everyone is an artist but there are a lot of tutorials that can help you learn a simple form of art for game design: Pixel art. If you practice pixel art and use it for your games, they can look very cool. Also I noticed that the music stays at the beginning of where you spawn instead of being relative to the player. I noticed this after I leave where I spawn. Other than that, it is a good concept for a game. Keep it up.

My first attempt, I got 32 kills. The game is really fun to play. I think that the sound effect when you tap on the character is a bit loud. I game does seem a bit quiet which might've been some of the reason. If this is one of your first games, a point to consider is the perspective of the player. How are they going to react to something for the first time? An idea that could make the game more challenging would be to make the characters move in different directions and add more characters. Once you do that, I think the game will be a very cool game to play.

I feel like the game is a nice concept. The game is very buggy. The character moves when you PRESS the move button instead of holding it. Some of the hit boxes are a bit buggy. Maybe you can add a menu and a score for what level you are currently on. Once you do that I think that it could be a really good game.

I game is a banger and I play the game occasionally, however I am confused about what the meter is for. I guess it is like a health bar but there is no reward for having reached the max on the meter. I suggest a system involving "Stars" for how far you got at the end of the level. If you barely survive, you'd get no stars, but if you didn't miss a beat, you would get three stars, or however many stars you would like to implement.