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Very fun! 

(probably because of my browser) but the game seemed unresponsive at times.

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For a game that took you 16 hours it is good enough. Just a shame you didn't spend more time in it.

The spawning of the orange balls is a bit too op as you can just spam spawn them to help you complete the last level more easily than they go against you.

I like the idea!

Had quite a bit of fun with the game, the idea is pretty cool.

Good job!

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Interesting idea to randomize it, but maybe it has too much randomness right now.

Very interesting idea tho, would be very cool to try a full puzzle game with this concept.

Took me a bit to figure it out (something that I think is normal with game jam games) but after that I loved it. Great work!

Awesome game! Loved the idea.

Would be really cool to play it as a full game.

Some trees and cacti have colliders that shouldn't exist. Sorry for the confusion. Can't update because of the cooldown yet.

Mango gang