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If you find that you started the game in the room where you get the sword and you're stuck, just know that you can start a new game on the title screen by scrolling left and right.  The game defaults to Continue if a save file is present.

Optional Sword Movement Patch uploaded.  This'll let you attack in place if the forced movement is an issue for you.

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This is Will of Alchemy, a game where you take on the role of a boy, descended from an alchemist that attempted to kill the Lord of Hell, 400 years ago.

Baal'Berith, the demon lord, has risen again to take over humanity for his demonic subjects.

Based on demons from the Ars Goetia, Will of Alchemy does its best to recreate demons as authentic as possible based on source material from the above book.

Join Renwald as he tries to reforge the blade once used by the alchemist in an attempt to rid the world of demons.

Features included:

  1. An action battle system with RPG elements
  2. A crafting system for making your own potions and armor
  3. A music box designed for playing music you've heard in game already
  4. An original 8-bit style soundtrack made by me, thepsynergist
  5. 3-4 Hours of gameplay, featuring 6 dungeons.
  6. Solve puzzles using tools found throughout the game.


I hope you guys enjoy this game. I worked since 2012 on it.