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Wow this is kinda impressive, lol.

This is what it says at the bottom of the overview:
“(The same color with different alpha channels is not considered separate colors.)

Surely that means that anti-aliasing (and for the record, gradients) are allowed since you'd just be using different alpha values for one of the colors to achieve those effects.
I think some further clarification regarding this issue is certainly warranted. 

Really enjoyed the game and its music. :)

I've got two little suggestions, though. For one, you should make the win screen a little more exciting. Right now the music just stops and you're thrown to what looks like a static pause screen. Maybe some kind of sound effect and some sort of animation in the win screen might help?

For two, keeping track of the fairly large number of buffs and debuffs is a little difficult. Maybe you could blend in some text on the screen whenever you collect a (de)buff that explains what it did? 

Looking good. :)