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Thanks alot

Thanks OwO

Thanks :)

With R you restart the level, thanks for the feedback :)

Wow thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks, your game is really fun!

I also loved your game, congrats and thanks. In the middle of saturday I lost the game files, so I had to start programming from scratch, it was my fault, the art guys are amazing.

Oh ok, its not much about the height, is about the velocity of your fall, so you really need to stop gliding in the last seconds of your fall, sorry for you bad experience.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Simple but lovely, a little more art and physics to the tail and it could be released on steam today!

Oh, I think you dont get the mechanic, you need to glide the right amount and fall the right amount to solve the puzzles, hold space to glide

Very Original, love it :)

The game is fun! If I was going to do some changes, improving the UI would be one of them, great job :)

The logic uses the speed you are falling, and by that decides the damage. I think that was a wrong decision, and yeah I got no time to really explain the controls, but they are at the page. Sorry about that.

Oh and the fall is not really about the height, is about the speed you fall, I tried to go to a more realist thing, using gravity and stuff like that, I think that was the wrong decision.

Don't really understand the game, could you explain it?

Yeah it was my fault, I am programmer and at the middle of the jam I had to restart the game because the file got corrupted, sorry :P

Such an original idea, loved it!

Simply amazing, congrats!

Original, clever, and has an awesome presentation!

The game was really fun!

I am the programmer of the game, thanks alot :)

This game is awesome!