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Thanks! :)

I looked at my reasonable options with only one button and that were: click, double click and hold click :D (a triple click or something like this would have been too much I would say)

But I had on my to-do list to add three little animated icon-pairs to the bottom right corner indicating the possible actions a player would have and swaping the second icon out depending on the situation (e.g. movement an arrow forward, but if in front of an enemy, that icon-pair would show the hold-icon and some sort of sword clashing), but... time and my lack of graphic skills said no :D

Thanks! :) I also tried to think about a reasonable way to implement an inventory system (e.g. to drink health potions), but couldn't figure out a nice way to access/open it while still keeping it simple to interact with just one button :D and also, I had some other stuff to-do that needed to be implemented (e.g. Character models and the camera movement at the beginning were finished like 3 hours before I uploaded the game) ^^'

So just the other way round, I am better in coding than graphics/design :D

The pixel art is lovely! :)

I like simple games, where you can easily get addicted. "Just one more round!"

Current high score are only 56 points ^^

I love the style! It looks just awesome! Also, the different actions are very nice implemented! I struggled a lot with the thrown swords at the beginning, but after some runs, I got the timing right, and sometimes, i still didn't :D

I really like the look of the little computer and screen!

I am not quite sure, but it does not always destroy the closest target, does it? I tried to destroy a tank, that was right next to me, but instead it destroyed a newly spawned tank at the top of the screen. I thought of some kind of morse code game myself at the beginning :)

I work full time as a developer with PHP and have had experience with C# before, so coding in Unity is a bit unusual for me, but not that much different because "just another object-orientated language with different APIs to use" :D but I still struggle with 3D stuff, like Blender. I know the basics and how to use the program, but I still have to learn and practice a lot with it. That's the reason, the player and the enemies have a very similar body. :D

Nice and relaxing game :)

I like the little indicators on the bomb. You get a nice feeling for the timer/countdown! The moving platforms on the last level are perfectly annoying to keep trying :D

Thanks for the feedback :D

Yeah, a faster rotating speed would have helped, I see this now and added it to the to-do/improvement list. I am not quite sure, if I will continue on it, but because of all the positive feedback, I mostly will :)

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Thanks for your feedback :)

I thought about the genre I wanted to make my game in, took the first three ideas, that came into my head and decided not to make something like this, because I wanted to create something, that maybe has not been done yet with 1 button controls. My first ideas were: flappy birds, some kind of rhythm game and auto runner, where you click to jump and hold to slide. Then I had the idea with this sort of dungeon crawler like game and stuck with it, because I have never seen something like this.

In general, I still like the idea, and I had on my to-do list to add three little icons on the bottom right of the screen which represent the three actions (turn left, move (or attack, if facing an enemy), turn right). That would have helped maybe a bit - especially at the beginning.

I am not quite sure, if I will continue on this game, I have some ideas how I can improve it (thanks to the feedback) and it would be a good practice. So yeah, maybe :)

I struggled to long to decide, how I want to implement the fighting system, the version I chose to keep I made on Friday evening because I didn't have that much time after work ^^

But indeed, a short red tint would have helped. Maybe I will add this, if I find some free time to keep on working on it :)

It's a bit intended to be a labyrinth, and not just a linear level to run through, but yes, for the size, the character is maybe a bit to slow. To increase the rotation speed would be easy to change, but I am not that sure about the movement speed, because if the character is too fast, you would maybe miss the turn at a T crossing, if you are too slow to react. And that was the general idea of my game: to make it playable even if you can't react quick.

Thanks for your feedback, I'm going to add it to my to-do list (GitHub Issues ^^)

I had on my to-do list some sort of minimap or little indication, where the buttons and power ups are, but due to the lack of time after work, I couldn't implement it. The second Screenshot I uploaded is the whole level from above. There are 5 power ups in total, two before the black/green enemy and three in the area behind him. You need both power ups to beat the "miniboss" and all five to beat the final enemy.

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Yeah, I worked the first two days only on the input system because I could not make it work with the input system from unity. I tried around a bit with the wait time, currently it's 0.3 seconds, didn't want to make it much shorter, because then, you may not be able to make a double tap, if you are too slow.

I wanted to do something like color change or maybe make the eyes look a bit more angry or something like this, but I didn't have the time. And, I must admit, I prefer the coding part instead of doing graphics and that kind of stuff. But a friend of mine, who wanted to do the 3d models and textures didn't have time, so I had to do it myself ^^

Maybe I will do some updates and try to improve it. I also have some other ideas in mind, I want to try out :D

I love it! Love the different movements of the three characters. Sadly after the level with rain and slippery grounds the screen turns black and nothing else happens?

Is it the last level?