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What operating system are you running, and what exactly is the issue you are encountering?

Fun game! Somehow this felt very nostalgic. =)

This was a cute fun little game. Very nice style, very smooth feeling controls.

@Yukon W. I wanted to let you know I encountered a pretty silly issue. I managed to get the flower early by jumping off a bat, and missed the power I should have gotten. By the time I got to the present, I was stuck (not enough bats to save me!) =P Wasn't much trouble to start over though.

Lumins and Shades is a 2D grid-based puzzle game about turning on lights, making memories, and not killing your friends.

I've just released a demo for the game, and I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from players so I can continue to make improvements during the rest of development. =)

You can see a bunch more information, and of course download the demo on the game page below: