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Very short game but made very well! The game play was fun, the story was addicting, and the artwork was absolutely beautiful! It's nice to see horror games with vibrant colors as opposed to the usual washed-out gloominess most games are created with.

Thanks for sharing this game with us! I certainly enjoyed playing, which can be checked in the video below :)

Mysterious, simple, and beautiful. This game brings elements of classic pixel art to the present with its simplistic artwork and map creation. I really like the unique style and simple dialogue. Feel free to check out my play session of it linked below! Thanks for bringing to the game light and hopefully my viewers get the video greenlit for the game's future series!

Interesting story heavy game. I really enjoy the strong narrative direction that it is headed in. As always, the artwork is magnificent. Thanks for bringing this game towards me!

Had a fun time playing this! I really enjoyed how vague and eerie the game felt in the beginning, and the direction it took as the game progressed towards the end. Exceptional job for your first published game! If you'd like to watch my playthrough of it, feel free! 

An absolutely exceptional RPG Horror game! This title ensures to keep the player questioning and on edge as they dive into the mind of Mike Smalling, the protagonist. By all means, this game uses the perfect combination of horror and real life trauma to tell a very compelling story. If you're interested in watching my trip through Traum, feel free :)