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SUPER cool game. I did not know what to expect and this one really threw me in a loop. (Hah). Hope you have the chance to check out my play-session sometime! My favorite was the remote btw.

Very cool and gorgeous game. The gameplay and idea is extremely unique! I hope you get the chance to check out my video below :)

Crazy to say about a horror game, I know, but trust me on this one.

This was a really immersive experience. I had a lot of fun playing this. The game took a lot of liberty on obscurity. At some point, I wasn't exactly sure what was triggering progress. At the same time, I wasn't sure if I walked into a bug. I say, give this game a play! And feel free to watch my playthrough of the demo as well :D 

A very immersive experience for a game based on a creepypasta. Great job! 

All I can say is wow. Nice job. It was everything I was expecting if not more LOL

Really cool look at this concept. As a new fan of Animal Crossing, I saw so much potential for a horror game around this theme and you did it! Great job! I hope you have some time in the future to check out my gameplay :)

Hands-down fantastic game that really showed how something so aesthetically simple can be so terrifying and effective. Really glad my friend continued to convince me to play this until I did. Thanks for sharing and excited to follow you as a creator and everything else you make :)

If you ever have the moment, I hope you get to check out my vid!

There's been a few simulator horror games the past few months and this one stands out from the others. Just working the midnight shift at a burger joint, or so you thought... Great job guys!

I enjoyed the dark obscurity, but the "secret ending" got me wanting more. What secrets are you holding?!?!

I'm so glad to hear you guys got the chance to watch :D! I'm excited to see it at its fullest!! (ALSO LOL)

Cool game. I enjoyed the world building and how it all came together towards the end. The artwork was nice too. Hopefully, you get the chance to check out my playthrough :)

Super enjoyable game! From the friendly visuals down to the suspenseful gameplay, I really had fun with this one. I hope you get a chance to check out my gameplay :)

This was a very fun gamejam game! I liked the detail with the hammer and how it knocks into things :P. I hope you get a chance to check out my playthrough :D

Awesome game! I absolutely loved the artwork, gameplay, dialogue, and all! I'm excited to see what's in-stored for its future :D. Here's a video of my playthrough if you ever get the chance :). I also played  a good chuck off camera after beating it. I'm amazed to see how much 'secrets' there are!

:) :)

Ahhh okay. That's good to know. As with #2, it's very minor. It's just with how RPG Maker scales the game title to fullscreen, the words stretch and the player is trying to read dialogue from one edge of the screen to the other (for non-character dialogue texts). An over-exaggerated example is like watching a foreign film at the theaters at the front row while trying to read subtitles. Again, not a huge thing that needs to be changed. 

Thanks! I've considered all these ideas, but ran out of time trying to push it out for V-day. I'll be sure to implement them for the final build. Thanks for playing and linking the plugin! 😃

Very hard to find critiques, but since I saw the comment asking for it below, here are the few I can think of: 1)hiding the seeds on the map is sneaky, especially if all must be collected for secret ending and assuming little to no backtrack between chapters & 2)none-character-dialogue-texts that stretches from one side of the screen to the other is bad ergonomics (sounds silly, but I learned this back when I did comp sci). Use up 2/3 of the screen at most to reduce head movement (such as when character faces are present in dialogue boxes). Again, these are stretching for critiques. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that many players who enjoy this genre should consider.  

A very solid and beautiful game with a strong emotional connection to its characters and story. If that is up your alley, then you can't miss this one! Feel free to check out my play-session below!

Fantastic game! The game does a great job creating atmosphere, 'awarding' players through exploration, and using fun + interesting puzzles. I had a great time playing this. Feel free to watch my play session below!

(btw, I had to play this a second time because OBS didn't record the audio on the first round. Regardless, it just shows how much I enjoyed it!)

Oh jeez thanks! :)

Fantastic visuals with great writing. I find this game to be very unique and I am dead-interested on what will happen next. Great job! I hope you get to check out my playthrough below :)

A fun game with unique puzzles! The ending had me a bit stumped, but I ended up surviving, so nbd. Anyway, great visuals and unique story! The addition of Greek Lore was an added charm in my eyes. If you're interested, feel free to check out my playthrough :)

Fantastic job guys! This game was extremely well made. Great job guys and looking forward to the next title in the series! Feel free to check out my playthrough below :)

This was a fun game! I especially enjoyed the obscurity and world building. The combat system was also a bit unique. Great job for what you managed for the jam! Feel free to watch my adventures!

mEAT community · Created a new topic Playthrough

Great work! A rather short horror experience with a very unique concept. I loved the visuals especially! Feel free to check out my playthrough below if you're interested :D

Thanks for the heads up! Perfect timing too as I haven't had the chance to play until now :P

thanks so much! I'll give it a shot for next weekend's upload :)

mEAT community · Created a new topic Game error

Hi! I tried playing your game as shown in the intro of the video below. Here's a direct visual of the error. I think it'll help you with fixing it. Excited to actually giving it a play once it's ready :)

I thought the idea of releasing your project games as you go through class to be very fun and interesting! I hope you decide to check out my playsession because for janitors day.... I NOTICED.

An absolutely phenomenal game that's a must-try! It had fantastic writing, fun characters, wonderful music, and unique mini-games. I plan to create a review video for this game, but for now, feel free to check out my let's play below!

Very neat game! I found it to be pretty neat with the dynamics of the characters and twist throughout the game. Thanks for sharing and feel free to checkout my playthrough sometime :D!

Very shocking to see how well put together this game was in under the short amount of time it was created! Exceptional job guys! This is truly the Ouija Board Horror Game that most should aim to be. Feel free to watch my playthrough below :D

No way! (To both lol). I'm so glad to see someone's work after using my tutorial series! You certainly went above and beyond :P

I'm glad to have played and feel free to throw your future games my way!

This was a quite the fun little game! The music and intro was very fun, but I don't think it matched the style of the game all too well. Regardless, I'd recommend this one for its creativity and unique puzzles! Feel free to check out my playthrough below :D

This was a very atmospheric game. I felt as though the story could use a bit of work, but the visuals and music was just fantastic. If you'd like to check out my play-session, by all means!

Same bald man, but with many new tricks (the game that is). This re-work of the original brings a whole new element to the game that's fun and much more exciting! I had a lot of fun with the new trinkets and exploring the new map. Thanks for sharing and hopefully you get a chance to check out my play session of it!

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This game is super fun! Everything from the music to the dark, vague, and creepy undertone of this game. This one is definitely a must play!

Feel free to check out my play-session!

Very beautiful game with a lot of potential! Everything is good from the writing to the music. Definitely do not miss out on this one.

Here's some proof below :P

Very interesting concept. Seems like there's room for a lot of exciting possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

If anyone is interested in watching my playthrough, feel free to below!