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Awesome game! I really enjoyed puzzles and world you created with this. If you'd like to check out my playthrough, feel free to below!

Absolutely I'll play when it comes out :D!

This was cool! The setting was very neat and I'm intrigued to see what sort of situations you plan to include in this game. Thanks for sharing! Feel free to check out my playsession below :)

This was a very fun game! The ambiance was fantastic, the story kept me on edge, and the difficulty was well fitting for the length of the game. If the game was any longer, I would have preferred something more lenient in difficulty, but overall I was satisfied. Great job and if there's chance of a sequel (there totally is), I'll be looking forward to it!

Feel free to check out my playthrough!

Haha you're too kind :P. Good luck with the midterm!!

Loved it! I found this game to be very unique and different from most horror games I played. The art looked great and the story had me wanting for more! Hope to see this game finished one day :)

Feel free to watch my play session below!

Oh! I actually had to switch it to windowed mode just to ensure my recording was set up right and decided not to switch it back ahah. Sorry about that :P

I found this very enjoyable! I love the sense of mystery and vagueness that comes with playing this game. There a lot of unexpected twists and the puzzles are very fun! Thanks for sharing this game and I hope to see you finishing it! If you'd like to watch my play-session, feel free to!

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Great job for your first game! I enjoyed it for what it was and especially liked how the story played out. Thanks so much for sharing and feel free to watch my play session of it! (Game #2)

Hi! I hope you manage to work on the title some more, or are working with another project. I found the mystery and vagueness to be very addicting! I also recorded my play session. I hope you don't find my commentary harsh or offensive in anyway. Overall, I was just sad you didn't have enough time to add more to the game. Feel free to check it out :)

This is a short, but very playful game! Check out my video or check out my play session. Either or, I guarantee you won't be disappointed :)

Thanks for that! I'm going to make a video and post it here later if you don't mind :D

Hi! Is there a downloadable version? I would like to give your game a try, but my internet is causing more loads than actual playtime. A link would be very much appreciated! :)

This game looks, sounds, and feels amazing! I've a bit of history with this game since it's first version back in 2014. Since that time, I can certainly say that this game has gone a very long way. Hats off to Yomi-Yomi for fabricating a unique game and demo that really gives the perfect first impression of a potential dark fantasy horror game. If anyone would like to take part with me on this journey, I'll certainly be playing it on my YouTube channel as soon as they release.

Very very unique gaming experience! I really like the kind of puzzles in the game and the sort of art style it uses. If I didn't know better, I would have confused this for a AAA title. Nice job! You can check out my playthrough in the vid below!

Fantastic game! I found the story to be very addicting and with a lot of interpretation for the player to dive into. The gameplay was also unique and to its own. Great job! And feel free to check out my play through of it in the video below:

Very short game but made very well! The game play was fun, the story was addicting, and the artwork was absolutely beautiful! It's nice to see horror games with vibrant colors as opposed to the usual washed-out gloominess most games are created with.

Thanks for sharing this game with us! I certainly enjoyed playing, which can be checked in the video below :)

Mysterious, simple, and beautiful. This game brings elements of classic pixel art to the present with its simplistic artwork and map creation. I really like the unique style and simple dialogue. Feel free to check out my play session of it linked below! Thanks for bringing to the game light and hopefully my viewers get the video greenlit for the game's future series!

Interesting story heavy game. I really enjoy the strong narrative direction that it is headed in. As always, the artwork is magnificent. Thanks for bringing this game towards me!

Had a fun time playing this! I really enjoyed how vague and eerie the game felt in the beginning, and the direction it took as the game progressed towards the end. Exceptional job for your first published game! If you'd like to watch my playthrough of it, feel free! 

An absolutely exceptional RPG Horror game! This title ensures to keep the player questioning and on edge as they dive into the mind of Mike Smalling, the protagonist. By all means, this game uses the perfect combination of horror and real life trauma to tell a very compelling story. If you're interested in watching my trip through Traum, feel free :)