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Fun Fact Music is made by my music Teacher

Wow MattGlanvile(MacGlanvile :) this is really good. 


Oyun çok güzel olmuş eline sağlık.

Idk may be

There are two themes One button or 1-bit I guess

Thanks I planned on a tutorial but I had homework to do

Hi thanks for the reply I am planing to add power ups and a score System and a new enemy for today

Yeah you can but you need to jump from the side of the upper platforms

Thanks for reply I really hate making ui but I will try to fix

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The art is awsome but the platforming is not that good could be improved upon (please add cayoti jump )but really liked please check out mine too I need more rating please 

Wow its really cool looking it has a really good style but with music it will be awesome and thanks for playing mine too

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Really liked the game but when you jump high you can´t see whats below you and it can be very annoying overall good job you know how to make a jam game and please check out mine I need rating I don´t have much

This year is officaly better than 2020 right now

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Thanks for reply I forgot to delete the settings button I will fix and add a tutorial thanks again

I liked your game can you just play and rate my game

Hey ı rated and liked your game if you can please play my game 



Yours is a great game too

Thanks for the comment. In start it started as a game we change ages to solve puzzles and I add something like that at a old age and I thinks this mechanic only will be funny but yes it just killed the theme

It is very good but you can add some respawning points

Hi thanks for the comment. I think music is not good too. When jam finishes  I will update the game .I made new Sounds and new Visual Effects.

Hi thanks for comment and I made levels for being hard but I think after a lot game testing I become so good at game, and levels become easy to me :)

Games idea is so great but you can make movement more like marios momentum based movement