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You rush the game there . A lot of work need to done with effect and the book are all the same there no light on the celling , the key apear by magic in the bed room and the end ... omg i lmao dude . The game is a clché itself it could scare a 9 year old but not more then that . And wtf 2 bathroom in such a small place come on . Put more effort in youre game man you seem not really care of the result because this game is memable . Just dont rush it . A good game take a long time and passion to do . You should take exemple of Unreal pt or Contemp . Thos are really well made game and they put time and effort on it . Im sorry to tell you that but , the next game ... just put more effort on it and be original we are not such in hurry bud . Oh and btw am i a midjet in this game because the mirror is really high lol .

well the character dont have his glasses on dude 

Natürlich wird er das Spiel kritisieren, aber sein Kommentar ist Mist. Bestätige ich.

To be honest , you must have a bad graphic card bud as i remember the game speak in english sooooooo

lol did you ever play unreal pt or contemp . If not you should really try .

how does it feel to pay to much for a pc lol

well explaning the plot will ruin the game if you want to understand you have to come back and look more around this is why this game is good . As i can understand her husband did something wrong  but i still cant figure out what it is . But its bad for sure because you dont get youre face on news paper for good reason tho .  On the cassette we listen on the secound floor he said he had feeling he can run away from it and wanted to ''roam'' . May be he left her or kill himself and they find his body somewhere . But this is this mistery that make the game really good tho .

This game is full and i think ther a lot of thing hidden in the game to understant what  he really done to make her depresse . The replay  value is there but not for me i play once from A to Z  and dont come back . I know the game is short but its complete and need no more content to feel the trill he put a lot of effort on it hes actualy doing an another project but he seem to be innactive for one years may be he got a job and once you get a job in this you cant make personnal project they consider this as competition so may be he just stop . But damn we can see the talent this man have for doing this all be himself . 

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Wow ut engine really the best for gaming instead of the shitty mouse control in unity great work there . I can see you put passion and time in it i hope you get the attention of a big company because you have the skill to make good game not just graphic but with the story and the atmosphere you really got the skill to make good game. You seem to be innactive on youtube for one years did you stop youre next project because you got hire somewhere or you are working on it when you got the time . Anyway i put your channel on my end card for that video . I try to respect as most posible youre work without any shitty tumbnail with a simple edit . For a small game it was worth the time to play and edit  this game and dont worry my reaction 100% legit im a big pussy when its done well . Really good plot i think i understand why she ended up doing this to her but i still dont undertand why he left did he do something bad or does something bad after he left maybe i was to busy watching my back for jump scare to get the info needed . He might be he does something bad because her love was on the news paper and news paper is rarely for good news . Anyway even if i speak french most of the time i think it could be fun to watch me play this .

this game make me feel unconfortable for an unity game its really well made i mean its impressive ... But this game have no clue about what to do i figure out you can make the path solid in some point of the game i freak out and find myself to turn in circle ... any tip to go further in this game .

Frustrating game like we love !

This is why sandbox are made for i tink go get sandboxie it totaly free.