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Wow ut engine really the best for gaming instead of the shitty mouse control in unity great work there . I can see you put passion and time in it i hope you get the attention of a big company because you have the skill to make good game not just graphic but with the story and the atmosphere you really got the skill to make good game. You seem to be innactive on youtube for one years did you stop youre next project because you got hire somewhere or you are working on it when you got the time . Anyway i put your channel on my end card for that video . I try to respect as most posible youre work without any shitty tumbnail with a simple edit . For a small game it was worth the time to play and edit  this game and dont worry my reaction 100% legit im a big pussy when its done well . Really good plot i think i understand why she ended up doing this to her but i still dont undertand why he left did he do something bad or does something bad after he left maybe i was to busy watching my back for jump scare to get the info needed . He might be he does something bad because her love was on the news paper and news paper is rarely for good news . Anyway even if i speak french most of the time i think it could be fun to watch me play this .