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DUCKING? In a WALKING simulator?! That's illegal!

Fixed in 2.0.16

Well, I found a way to fix that in 2.0.16!

Unfortunately, it's a side effect of how item pickups are coded in the game. They're auto-scaled based on the size of the first object it finds, so it looks weird on item pickups composed of more than 1 object. A vanilla example is the Warbanner, where it scales based on the warbanner pole, but doesn't take the cloth into account, so it appears bigger than it should be.

To keep it consistent with other consumable items

Figured out why this happens. Shouldn't happen anymore starting from 2.0.13!

The achievement is not granted with the Artifact of Sacrifice active. This will be added to the achievement's description in the next patch.

You can use the CheatUnlocks mod to force-unlock achievements.

Oh, forgot to close this topic. This has been fixed in 2.0.10

Oh, I guess it might be dealing a lot of damage when stacked and powered by DLC1's Ignition Tank. I'll probably just make it so the item can't deal more than 2% of your health per second if the effect was triggered on you from an enemy.

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Are you sure it was the DoT? It deals 0.2% of your max HP per second and +0.02% max HP for each level beyond 17, so it deals 1.82% of your health at max enemy level 99, and the DoT lasts up to 2 seconds after the last hit. *Ideally* it shouldn't be able to kill you.

Added a DropItemForEachPlayer balance config option for Treasure Map in 2.0.9! Set that to "false" to make it drop only 1 item.

Should be fixed in 2.0.9 - now the item has a hidden 0.5s cooldown that should prevent it from wasting all charges on a single chest before it starts getting hacked

Added it in 2.0.9!

Finally figured out the cause. It's most likely Aerolt. Not something that I can fix on my end, sadly. We'll have to wait for the Aerolt dev to fix that.

Try this:

  • Open your mod manager's settings
  • Select "Browse profile folder"
  • Open the "BepInEx" folder
  • Delete the "cache" folder

I was actually going to add that in 2.0.5 but forgor

Fixed in 2.0.5

Fixed in 2.0.5

Should be fixed in 2.0.5. If it still happens, please let me know!

Fixed in 2.0.5

Fixed in 2.0.5

All fixed in 2.0.5 (aside from the Commencement timer, probably. I've seen multiple reports about it and still have no idea how to reproduce it)

Fixed in 2.0.5

Fixed in 2.0.5

Fixed in 2.0.5

3 would probably add more containers. But, honestly, I think I'll do the second one since the 3rd is both hell to make (basically requires me to make an entirely new interactable with model, animations & stuff) and feels too complicated for a white-tier item.