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It's called "The Summit", and it requires you to get to the highest point in Rallypoint Delta

Yeah, sorry, can't really fix that at this point, because the mod allows you to turn items on and off in the main menu, so I can't make it not load items at all. Though, maybe I can think of some ways to disable relevant achievements.

As for command menus, it also happens with DLC items if you don't have the DLC enabled, so there's not much I can do.

Sorry that you're having trouble with it! It appears on one of two spots at random, indicated by a pillar of purple flame.

Here are the images of the exact spots:

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Just to make sure - all of you are using the mod manager, right? You can try sharing your profile with all of your friends, which will sync up both mods and configs. That should usually fix things like these.

To do that, just choose your profile, then go to Settings, type "export profile as a code" in the settings search, and click that.

Then, your friends will need to open the mod manager, but BEFORE picking a profile, they should click the "Import / Update" button at the bottom, and use the code there.

Also, make sure that EVERYBODY has Steam/Epic crossplay turned off in the game settings. It's known to be an extremely buggy and unreliable feature.

I can't seem to find anything out of the ordinary in the log, unfortunately :(

It... shouldn't be locked? Are you sure it's not disabled in your config/mod settings?

Should be. I don't think I've ever heard of any incompatibilities between NTT mods

Done! Starting from 2.1.7, you can go into the Gameplay config and set "Initial Crit Stacking" to True to do this

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Been considering this, but it isn't really a high-priority thing, so I keep forgetting. Maybe at some point in the future!

Also, it's not in the expansion list, you're probably confusing it with another mod?

Hi! If you have Discord, just send me a message at TheMysticSword#9770!

From what I can tell, it *is* mod incompatibility, since I've played a few games with my friends since the update, and it all works fine on our modpack. Will try to figure this out at some point. For now, I recommend just rolling back to a more stable version of the mod (like 2.1.2, for example) and seeing if that works

Interestingly enough, I'm now getting a similar error, but it ends at "Moonstorm.BuffModuleBase.OnBuffsChanged" and doesn't get to CoffeeBoost yet. And I have no idea why it's happening! Probably some unknown mod incompatibility.

Sorry! Should be fixed in 2.1.4 now, hopefully. If this still happens, please let me know!

Fixed in 2.1.2!

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I've found the cause. You're not gonna believe this... it doesn't count proc coefficient of attacks that trigger it. At all. So everything, even attacks with 0 proc coefficient, has the same 20% chance to trigger it. Even damage-over-time effects.

I think it can even cause an infinite chain with Marwan's Ash until it killed an enemy, if you are lucky enough.

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Yeah, sure! But only if you're okay with me contacting you later for translating future updates (one is coming up this month or next month, probably. There will be 10 new items and small rewordings of some existing strings)

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Hi! I've found a workaround for the bug with .langauge files - you can just make your own .language file somewhere in your mod's folder, and put UA there instead of string. So, for example, this works:

      "UA": {
          "ITEM_MYSTICSITEMS_HEALORBONBARREL_NAME": "Your translated Donut"

As for whether you want it added to my mod or if you want to keep it all in your mod - that's up to you!

Oh, and, you're welcome for the font! Always glad to help with localization issues that developers don't want to solve for some reason.

Fixed in 2.0.22!

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You can also check out the `en.language` file in the mod's folder to see the codenames of the items, in case the mod ever gets updated with new content. They will be in all caps there, though, so you'll need to match them against case-sensitive item names in


MysticsItems_HealOrbOnBarrel - Donut
MysticsItems_ScratchTicket - Scratch Ticket
MysticsItems_BackArmor - Spine Implant
MysticsItems_Manuscript - Manuscript
MysticsItems_LimitedArmor - Cutesy Bow
MysticsItems_Cookie - Choc Chip
MysticsItems_MarwanAsh1 - Marwan's Ash

MysticsItems_CoffeeBoostOnItemPickup - Cup of Expresso
MysticsItems_ExplosivePickups - Contraband Gunpowder
MysticsItems_AllyDeathRevenge - Vendetta
MysticsItems_Spotter - Faulty Spotter
MysticsItems_SpeedGivesDamage - Nuclear Accelerator
MysticsItems_ExtraShrineUse - Black Monolith
MysticsItems_KeepShopTerminalOpen - Platinum Card
MysticsItems_MysticSword - Mystic Sword
MysticsItems_Rhythm - Metronome
MysticsItems_ElitePotion - Failed Experiment
MysticsItems_DroneWires - Spare Wiring
MysticsItems_DeathCeremony - Ceremony of Perdition

MysticsItems_Voltmeter - Wireless Voltmeter
MysticsItems_ThoughtProcessor - Thought Processor
MysticsItems_CrystalWorld - Crystallized World
MysticsItems_DasherDisc - Timely Execution
MysticsItems_TreasureMap  - Treasure Map
MysticsItems_Idol - Super Idol
MysticsItems_Backpack - Hiker's Backpack
MysticsItems_VyraelCommandments - Ten Commandments of Vyrael
MysticsItems_JudgementCut - Devil's Cry

MysticsItems_RiftLens - Rift Lens
MysticsItems_Moonglasses - Moonglasses
MysticsItems_RegenAndDifficultySpeed - Puzzle of Chronos

DUCKING? In a WALKING simulator?! That's illegal!

Fixed in 2.0.16

Well, I found a way to fix that in 2.0.16!

Unfortunately, it's a side effect of how item pickups are coded in the game. They're auto-scaled based on the size of the first object it finds, so it looks weird on item pickups composed of more than 1 object. A vanilla example is the Warbanner, where it scales based on the warbanner pole, but doesn't take the cloth into account, so it appears bigger than it should be.

Figured out why this happens. Shouldn't happen anymore starting from 2.0.13!

The achievement is not granted with the Artifact of Sacrifice active. This will be added to the achievement's description in the next patch.

You can use the CheatUnlocks mod to force-unlock achievements.

Oh, forgot to close this topic. This has been fixed in 2.0.10

Oh, I guess it might be dealing a lot of damage when stacked and powered by DLC1's Ignition Tank. I'll probably just make it so the item can't deal more than 2% of your health per second if the effect was triggered on you from an enemy.

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Are you sure it was the DoT? It deals 0.2% of your max HP per second and +0.02% max HP for each level beyond 17, so it deals 1.82% of your health at max enemy level 99, and the DoT lasts up to 2 seconds after the last hit. *Ideally* it shouldn't be able to kill you.

Added a DropItemForEachPlayer balance config option for Treasure Map in 2.0.9! Set that to "false" to make it drop only 1 item.

Should be fixed in 2.0.9 - now the item has a hidden 0.5s cooldown that should prevent it from wasting all charges on a single chest before it starts getting hacked