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Oh no, sorry to hear that. I'm not sure, but the problem might be that your PC doesn't support shaders. I'll upload a shaderless version later today.

Yeah, you can make a .mod.gml file in your DW mod's folder.

You can push your own status effects like this:

#define init
var statuses = mod_variable_get("mod", "dungeonobjects", "statuses");
var mystatus = {
    name: "DUMMY",
    displayname: "Dummy",
    sprt: sprRad,
    color: make_color_rgb(252, 184, 0),
    desc: "This status effect does nothing",
    sound: sndClick
mod_variable_set("mod", "dungeonobjects", "statuses", statuses);

Chests and pickups can also be created (the example below will make you spawn a weapon chest with the floor 3 items when pressing B):

#define step
with Player {
    if (button_pressed(index, "horn")) {
        // chest_create(_x, _y, _floor)
        mod_script_call("mod", "dungeonobjects", "chest_create", mouse_x[index], mouse_y[index], 3);

You can check the dungeonobjects file for all _create functions

I don't think it would be hard. Putting this on the 1.4.0 to-do!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I just checked and it looks like "giveeqtarget" gives an item to the enemy on row 2, and then instantly destroys all items on row 2 (it was there to prevent multiple cards from stacking). Should have been the other way around

Did you try to spawn the enemy using /dw_fightenemy? This is a known bug, I will upload a fix for this later today.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. When you hover over the character, it should say "CLEAR A LEVEL IN 15 SECONDS" as if it was locked, so, yeah, you need to kill all enemies on any floor in 15 seconds and Tock will be unlocked.

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- Getting started -

To add your own things in Dicey Wastelands, you need to use CSV files. Currently you can add custom equipment, enemies and characters.

Create a folder in the "mods" folder of Dicey Wastelands and give it a name. This will be the name of your mod.

- Equipment -

Create a new file in your mod folder and call it "equipment.csv". Copy and paste the header of the "equipment.csv" from the Dicey Wastelands folder:

Name,Description Line 1,Description Line 2,Size,Floor,Script: On Use,Script: Init Variables,Script: Begin Turn,Script: End Turn,Slots,Countdown,Color,On Upgrade,On Weaken,Cast Direction,Uses,Single use

Equipment has 15 fields and can be heavily customized:

  • Name - equipment name (displayed at the top of the card). Supports color tags.
  • Description Line 1 - the first line of equipment description (displayed below the dice slots). Supports color tags.
  • Description Line 2 - the second line of equipment description (displayed below the dice slots). Supports color tags.
  • Size - the equipment size (either 1 or 2)
  • Floor - the floor on which you can find this item (set to -1 if it isn't supposed to be found in chests or level-ups)
  • Script: On Use - a pipe-separated ( | ) list of commands (strings) that are executed on use. Read more about scripts in the Scripts section.
  • Script: Init Variables - a pipe-separated list ( | ) of commands (strings) that are executed outside of combat to initiate variables. Shouldn't contain commands other than "var".
  • Slots - a pipe-separated ( | ) list of the dice slots (displayed in the middle of the card).
    Slot nameDescription
    NORMALTakes any dice
    EVENTakes dice with an even value
    ODDTakes dice with an odd value
    REQUIRE1Takes only 1s
    REQUIRE2Takes only 2s
    REQUIRE3Takes only 3s
    REQUIRE4Takes only 4s
    REQUIRE5Takes only 5s
    REQUIRE6Takes only 6s
    MAX2Takes dice with a value equal or below 2
    MAX3Takes dice with a value equal or below 3
    MAX4Takes dice with a value equal or below 4
    MAX5Takes dice with a value equal or below 5
    MIN2Takes dice with a value equal or above 2
    MIN3Takes dice with a value equal or above 3
    MIN4Takes dice with a value equal or above 4
    MIN5Takes dice with a value equal or above 5
    COUNTDOWNTakes any dice, but activates only if the countdown reaches zero
    DOUBLESTakes any dice, but activates only if the dice values in both DOUBLES slots are equal
    CLICKTakes no dice, activates on click
  • Countdown - the amount of dice pips required to activate the item. Required for COUNTDOWN slots.
  • Color - the color of the card. Can be RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, GRAY or RAINBOW.
  • On Upgrade - what should happen if this item is upgraded.
    simplifyMakes the dice slots less restrictive (for example, EVEN > NORMAL)
    adduseGives an additional use to the equipment
    upgradeChanges the equipment to its upgraded version, which is a different piece of equipment with the same name and "_upgraded" appended to it (Revolver > Revolver_upgraded)
    reducecountdownReduces the base countdown value by 50%
  • On Weaken - what should happen if this item is weakened
    complicateMakes the dice slots more restrictive (for example, NORMAL > EVEN)
    noreuseableSets the equipment uses to one
    downgradeChanges the equipment to its downgraded version, which is a different piece of equipment with the same name and "_downgraded" appended to it (Slugger > Slugger_downgraded)
    noeffectRemoves all commands from the equipment
  • Cast Direction - the direction of movement when equipment is used (1 for up, -1 for down)
  • Uses - the amount of uses per turn (-1 for reuseable, 0 for one)
  • Single use - whether this item should be used only once per battle (0 for false, 1 for true)
Name,Description Line 1,Description Line 2,Size,Floor,Script: On Use,Script: Init Variables,Script: Begin Turn,Script: End Turn,Slots,Countdown,Color,On Upgrade,On Weaken,Cast Direction,Uses,Single use
Gamer Time,+<gamertime> to next,attack for both,2,-1,inflict:BUFF&@gamertime|inflictself:BUFF&@gamertime|sfx:sndMutant16LowA|varadd:gamertime&1,var:gamertime&3,,,COUNTDOWN,8,GRAY,,,1,0,0
Lucky Cake,Heal 5 hp,to someone,2,-1,callifelse:heal;5&healself;5&rd&1&3|sfx:sndSharpTeeth,,,,CLICK,,GREEN,upgrade,downgrade,1,0,0
Lucky Cake_upgraded,Heal 5 hp to you,Heal 2 hp to enemy,2,-1,healself:5|heal:2|sfx:sndSharpTeeth,,,,CLICK,,GREEN,,,1,0,0
Lucky Cake_downgraded,Heal 2 hp to you,Heal 5 hp to enemy,2,-1,healself:2|heal:5|sfx:sndSharpTeeth,,,,CLICK,,GREEN,,,1,0,0
Broken Watch,Skip an enemy turn,@s(Once per battle)@w,1,-1,inflict:SKIP&1|sfx:sndWeirdTickTock&dw_examplemod,,,,COUNTDOWN,24,PURPLE,reducecountdown,noeffect,1,0,1
Sharp Screw,Do 2x[] damage,@s(Reuseable)@w,1,-1,var:screw&d|varmult:screw&2|attack:@screw|sfx:sndScrewdriver,,,,DOUBLES|DOUBLES,,RED,simplify,noeffect,1,-1,0

- Enemies -

Create a new file in your mod folder and call it "enemies.csv". Copy and paste the header of the "enemies.csv" from the Dicey Wastelands folder:

Name,Level,Rarity,Sprite,Voice,HP,Dice,Equipment,Last Words,Attributes

Enemies have 10 fields:

  • Name - the name of the enemy
  • Level - the level of the enemy (defines the experience reward and the spawn floor)
  • Rarity - defines how rare this enemy is (if rarity is 5, the chance of this enemy appearing is 1/5)
  • Sprite - the enemy sprite. Only the first two frames are shown outside of combat
  • Voice - the sound that is played when the enemy says their last words
  • HP - starting health
  • Dice - starting dice
  • Equipment - a pipe-separeted list of the enemy's starting equipment
  • Last Words - the enemy will sometimes say those when defeated. You can use underscores ("_") to add pauses
  • Attributes - a pipe-separated list of the enemy's attributes
    poisonstrongTakes 0.5x damage from poison
    poisonhealHeals from poison
    poisonimmuneTakes no damage from poison
    burnweakTakes 2x damage from picking burning dice
    burnstrongTakes 0.5x damage from picking burning dice
    burnhealHeals from picking burning dice
    burnimmuneTakes no damage from picking burning dice
    stunimmuneEquipment can't be stunned
    weakenimmuneEquipment can't be weakened
    getdiceGets +1 dice every turn
    ignoreloopsDoesn't get loop buffs (extra health and dice)
    noworldanimDoesn't have animation outside of combat (shows only the first frame of the sprite)
    noworldpreviewDoesn't show its name and level when hovered
    customspriteHas a custom sprite instead of a vanilla one (takes 3 arguments: mod type, mod name, sprite variable)
    shakyequipmentCauses enemy equipment cards to shake
Name,Level,Rarity,Sprite,Voice,HP,Dice,Equipment,Last Words,Attributes
Angry Screwdriver,2,-1,sprScrewDriver,sndScrewdriver,20,1,Screwdriver:0&0|Screwdriver:1&0|Screw:0&1|Screwdriver:1&1|Screwdriver:0&2|Screwdriver:1&2,SHANK SHANK ___SHANK,

- Characters -

Custom characters should be created in their ".race.gml" file. They have several fields:

  • displayname - the displayed name of your character
  • skillcards - an array of the character's skillcards (they usually have gray color). You can have two skillcards at the same time by making them take up one slot and setting their "row" value to 0 and 1 respectively.
  • equipment - an array of the character's starting equipment. If left blank, the character starts with a Revolver.
  • inventory - an array of the character's starting inventory.
  • maxhealth - the maximum amount of health the character has from the start.
  • dice - starting dice
  • gold - starting gold
  • combatdisplay_sprite - an array consisting of two values - the portrait sprite of the character and the subimage (frame)
#define diceywastelands_race()
return {
    displayname: "Cuz",
    skillcards: [{
        name: "Gamer Time",
        row: 0
    equipment: [],
    inventory: [],
    maxhealth: 24,
    dice: 2,
    gold: 3,
    combatdisplay_sprite: [mskNone, 0]

- Scripts -

Scripts follow this syntax: "command1:arg1&arg2&arg3...|command2:arg1&arg2&arg3..."

attackamount of damageDeals damage to the opponent
attackpierceamount of damageDeals damage to the opponent, ignoring status effects
attackselfamount of damageDeals damage to the user
attackpierceselfamount of damageDeals damage to the user, ignoring status effects
healamount of healthHeals the opponent
healselfamount of healthHeals the user
sfxsound index, (optional) mod namePlays the sound (if the mod name is defined, it plays a sound from that mod)
inflictstatus name (or "RANDOM")Inflicts the status effect on the opponent
inflictselfstatus name (or "RANDOM")Inflicts the status effect on the user
givedicedice valueGives a new dice with this value
splitdicedice value, amount of new diceRandomly splits the dice value and gives new dice
giveeqequipment nameReplaces this equipment with another one for this turn
giveeqtargetequipment nameGives the opponent an item in the bottom middle slot for one turn
replaceeqequipment nameReplaces this equipment with another one for this battle
stealgoldamount of goldTakes this amount of gold from the opponent and gives it to the user
reducegoldamount of goldReduces this amount of gold from the opponent
reducegoldselfamount of goldReduces this amount of gold from the user
varvariable name, valueDeclares a variable under this name (if it doesn't exist yet) and sets its' value
varaddvariable name, valueAdds this value to the variable value
vartakevariable name, valueSubtracts this value from the variable value
varmultvariable name, valueMultiplies the variable value by this value
vardivvariable name, valueDivides the variable value by this value
rdvarvariable nameSets this variable's value to a random number from 1 to 6
expdischarge-Sets the player's experience charge to 0 (used in Horror's Rad Beam)
destroydiceamount of diceDestroys this amount of remaining dice
callifelsescript 1, script 2, value, min, maxCalls script 1 if the value is between the min and max numbers, otherwise calls script 2. Scripts here use ";" instead of ":"; "?" instead of "&"; "/" instead of "|" (/ is used for separating multiple commands in a script)
alldicenew valueSets the value of all remaining dice to this
fleeturnsFlee from the battle in X turns. Enemies will choose this only if it has 20% health or less.

You can also add these commands to change the way the enemy AI uses equipment:

bonusamount of pointsGives bonus points to this equipment. More points means that the AI is more likely to use this item
ignoredeath-Sets the amount of points to 1 if the enemy is supposed to die when using this item
playlast-Sets the amount of points to 1 so the enemy always uses it after all items are used

You can pass special arguments to the commands:

ArgumentReal value
dtotal sum of the dice pips of all dice in this item
rda random number from 1 to 6
@variablenamethe variable value (if it exists)
$statusnamethe amount of this status effect on the enemy
expchargeHorror's Radiation Beam charge
hpthe user's health
targethpthe opponent's health
maxhpthe user's max health
targetmaxhpthe opponent's max health
dicethe user's dice
targetdicethe opponent's dice
goldthe user's gold
targetgoldthe opponent's gold
remainingdicethe amount of remaining dice
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- Basics -

First of all, all characters have health, gold, dice, experience (rads) and equipment.

Gold is used to buy equipment from chests and health boosters on loop.

Dice are used to activate equipment (this will be described later).

Rads are required to level up. When you level up, you get +4 max health, +1 dice (if the new level is even) or a random piece of equipment (if the new level is odd).

Equipment is represented by cards that have their own name, effect, number of uses and requirements. Let's take a look at the Revolver.

It deals some damage depending on what dice you put in it. If you put a six in it, it would deal 6 damage. Simple as that.


There can be more complicated equipment, such as the Claw.

It deals the amount of damage based on the dice you put inside, but you can only put dice that have 3 or less dice pips. This means that a six wouldn't fit in. Additionally, this item inflicts 2 poison on the enemy. It also takes up less space in the inventory (more about that later).

Poison is one of many status effects. If you have 2 poison, you lose 2 health at the start of your turn and your poison is reduced by 1. Then you take 1 damage and your poison drops to zero.

- Combat -

Enemies won't attack you immediately. Instead, you have to step on their floor tile to start the fight.

The enemies have health, dice, equipment etc. just like the player. Some enemies also have special attributes that either give advantage or a disadvantage to the player.

At the start of every turn, the fighters roll their dice. Then they put dice in equipment to use it, and to damage the enemy. When they have nothing left to do, they end their turn and let the opponent start their turn. This repeats until one of the fighters dies.

If the player dies, they can't continue and have to start all over. Otherwise, the player gets experience equal to the enemy's level and 1 gold.

Some equipment inflict various status effects on either the player or the enemy. You can hover over the status name or the status icon to see its description.

- Inventory Management -

If you open the inventory by clicking the "Inventory" button outside of combat, you get this menu.

In the center you have the equipment slots. You can place items in there by dragging to make them show up in combat. You can also rearrange them to your liking. Bigger items take up 2 slots, smaller ones take up one. To unequip something, you need to drag the item out of its' slot. All equipment that you get by levelling up or by opening chests is stored in your inventory and is not equipped by default!

- Floor Layout and Objects -

Every floor is procedurally generated and has a maximum of two equipment chests and two to five health chests. The only exception is the final floor.

You can find an upgrade chest on floor 3. It permanently upgrades any piece of equipment of your choice.

The final floor has an upgrade chest, an equipment or a health chest and the boss enemy. You need to defeat the boss in order to get to the portal which leads to looping the game.

Loop enemies have more health, more dice and upgraded equipment.

I'm sorry for that. I just uploaded a new version with a tutorial ;)

I can't seem to use SUGAR in any of my projects because Unity crashes while importing the assets.
When I open the project again, Unity throws 10 errors in the console.
Here's the editor log if needed:

This is caused by deleting the character selection screen. Unfortunately, I can't fix this because it's an NTT issue. Sorry!

Most mods require the beta version of NTT. Current beta is v9927, which you can download from the NT Discord server. Here is the link to the beta:

On which version of NTT are you playing?

The mod stops loading other mods at the point where it attempts to add itself to the list.

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Love it ^v^