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...Well why else would you play a lewd game >_<

When 0.6 hits I will donate

Gallery please (if there isn't one already) ^_^

1.5 not installing on program

lol Im a dude :D but thanks for agreeing with me.

Guess I'll change my profile pic :D

Really like the effort gone into the renders and voice acting. Will be dropping pateron bucks once I can to get the fuller version.

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Despite updates having seemingly stopped (or at least slowed down drastically) what is here is enough to highly recommend. 

The renders are really good, the story is decent, the characters are good. The fact that the developers decided not to show your full face is a great choice as it helps with immersion. The voices are better than they have any right to be and there is quite a bit of variety in what you can do, making it not as linear as it could be. And of course the lewd scenes are great (and thank God the developers put in a gallery.) 

Hopefully in the (close) future there are more constant updates as this game deserves it

The package you give to Margaret in the Prologue says "Corona Superchef"....*Cough*

Needs a gallery :D

Damn this is really good. 

Usually I glaze over the story but with this one, thanks to keeping dialouge sharp and to the point, I actually read each line. 

Allowing the player to be male and female is a smart choice. Some may take issue you can only be a lesbian if you decide to play as female, but personally, I think this is a correct choice. 

Characters are really great (I love Jada. She's such a hot rebel minx) and rendered pretty well.  

No annoying music and good renders make things even better. 

I hope the gallery gets updated soon and that there will be some noises for the sex scenes. But this is worth checking out. I really do hope this is full completed. 

Please say you'll continue to work on this game. It has such good potential. 

Ah fair enough. Thanks for the tip :D

I like the potential of the game and what is there so far.  It's like a lewd PS1 game :D I hope you are able to eventually finish this game as it'd be a shame not too :) 

Still working on this?

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Is there any cheats for this game? (If not, no biggie, just curious.)

Edit: Okay I found the item. Will there be more cheats added? 

Let us know when the next update will have a gallery. I'll hold out till then on this nice game. 

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Really like what you're doing. This is way more involving then the usual Adult VN/Point n' Click game. 

Is there a gallery/scene replay in the game? If not will there be one in a future update? 

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Hot Damn...Just when it was getting good (or more so) it ends :(

EXCELLENT animation and the use of partial voicing really works, with the voices suiting the characters and not grating. Also, good job on not having too much text, just getting the point across. Character design is also great. 

Saving is kind of weird/broken. I guess the game operates on a checkpoint system and the last save sends you back to the beginning of it, instead of where you saved. It'd be nice if it was the latter. Also hope there will be muitple saves unless the game is extremely linear. 

I do like how you've made most section repeatable so that players don't have to slog through to get to that point just to see a different scene. 

Really hope you finish this.

Luan is best waifu. More of her please. 

Server Code Please

Hold on...First choice, if I act rude and say I'll accept the job offer if I can have sex with her, she kills me. Next choice, the ONLY correct choice leads the player to shagging her...Erm okay lol. 

Ah sounds...I like the sound of that. Worth the wait for that.  I will defo be playing when 0.09 comes along. Guess that means donating on Pateron then :D

Sound please...At least just for the sex encounters :D

Will the gallery be implemented in the next update?

Add a gallery in future updates please. And more lactating scenes :D 

Is there a gallery in the game?

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Man...this looks quality. Gonna have to go for that $10 Pateron just before June 16th :D 

Cool :)

Is there a gallery? If not, please include one in a future update :)

Is there a gallery/Scene Replay option?

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A LOT of work still to be done (which is understandable). But this is VERY VERY promising. Hopefully we get to hear Jess, Mouse (and other to be included female characters) moans and orgasms in the future 

The gameplay foundation is there, just very rough but still decent overall. And the sex scenes, aside from lack of voice, are hot. 

Hopefully you'll finish this :D

BTW... Jessikas sounds like a MTF Transgender... Which I'm starting to find pretty hot actually :D 

Love the art choice. Dragon Crown is such a great game so nice to see it's one of your influences. 

Seriously...Why did you have to make a quality game? Now I gotta go to your Pateron and donate to get the full benefits :D 

You can get stuck here. A function that recongizes when such a thing happen (or you can activate in the menu) to shift the character to the side might be one way to avoid such a thing :D

Anyway, I love the graphics and concept. Will be playing more and hope the full release is around the corner :D

This has potential to be REALLY good. The animations are great, the voice acting is nice (why many adult games don't include it I'll never know) and the gameplay seems decent. I hope we get to see a gallery and the finish sex animations having Queen get covered (or squirted inside) ^_^

Looking forward very much to the progress of this. 

Good stuff. Enjoyed it. Look forward to checking out your future projects. 

Looks amazing. Hope you finish this. 

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Looks great. Will defo be downloading (when a release is made) and keeping an eye on this. Hope you continue till full release :D

Please expand on this or make it available for others to do so :D

You have potential here. Good pixel designs and the concept is fun. Needs more enemy varations, the ability to de-materialize yourself (have it as a meter or cooldown,) more stage locations and a gallery and boom, you could easily get away with charging $2.99