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Thought this one was dead. Glad it's gotten an update. Looks like you're onto something special. 

Fantastic potential. The graphics and character design are excellent and the dialogue isn't too wordy. I look forward to future updates. 

Usually it takes me a couple of hours to get into these games. But you sir got my attention in 10 minutes. 

No time wasting in getting into the sandbox element. The character models are fantastic. You're not afraid of showing older people having wrinkles and not being 100% perfect. Yes some might say its uncanny valley but they would be hypocritical as almost ALL VNs have that affect. 

I really hope you stick with this and come to completion. This really is a standout, not just in terms of visuals but also the story and world building. 

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That's what a "roadmap" is; It's what a developer plans will be for the future of the game. This is the first time I've seen someone confuse "roadmap" for "guide" or "hints" lol 

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So I just got to the end of 0.05 and I must say, despite some reservations, I really do hope to see this game fully finished. 

The presentation are, for this genre, amazing, with some fantastic camera movements and angles I didn't know were possible. The world design is well done and this is actually were some of the humour that does work is found, as it's either goofy enough to be funny or is naturally amusing. 

Though not fully finished, the sandbox element will be amazing. It has a lot of potential and could be a time consumer. 

The character design is good (the MC is a dork but also has some cool moments and doesn't look like someone who should be punched.) And the ladies look fantastic. Linda Mae is a standout. 

And there is some funny scenes (the toilet stall is well done) and heartwarming too. And the dialogue is not too verbose, which is a godsend. 

Now, there is some bad. The breaking 4th wall with "the writer" were wretched. Whenever "it" appeared, I clicked as fast as I could to skip. Now I'm aware some like it so an option to not see these scenes would be best (or to fast forward, without missing other dialogue). But as it is, it's not a deal breaker, just something that stops the game having fun

Also, some of humour comes across as trying too hard, as some memes miss the mark or the self-references get old real fast (like the whole "this sounds straight out of a visual novel" gag for example) and pointing something out as "cliche" but going through with it is also pointless. 

As it is though, I do highly recommended trying this out. The good make up for any misgivings and I do hope it gets fully fleshed out. 

Finally! A game of this type where you can customize your character's skin colour. For someone that isn't white, this is a huge plus for me. Helps with my waifu immersion ^_^

Love the visual art style during the scenes. Well animated for what's only a use of a few frames. 

Character design for the females is fantastic. 

Really I think you're on the right track. I think it's too early for me to give any criticisms or suggestions (aside from having an option to auto pass or auto fail the "challenge" from Angie) so I'll wait till you've released a lot more to give my full verdict, but i do love the potential. Keep it up. 

Ah I get ya. Thanks for clearing that up :)

WAS going to be a great game >_<

So glad you're still working on this. Don't give up. I think you're onto something special here :) 

Does the Guild content PACK unlock everything straight away or merely add the things (such as removed scenes) for you to unlock? 

Last time I played this was three months ago and I was impressed by the potential. Now it looks like you've really progressed, so looking forward to dip in. 

As alluded to, my last save is 3 months ago (guessing 0.1.0)...Do I have to start a new game (and even if I don't have to, should I anyway?)

...Well why else would you play a lewd game >_<

When 0.6 hits I will donate

Gallery please (if there isn't one already) ^_^

1.5 not installing on program

lol Im a dude :D but thanks for agreeing with me.

Guess I'll change my profile pic :D

Really like the effort gone into the renders and voice acting. Will be dropping pateron bucks once I can to get the fuller version.

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Despite updates having seemingly stopped (or at least slowed down drastically) what is here is enough to highly recommend. 

The renders are really good, the story is decent, the characters are good. The fact that the developers decided not to show your full face is a great choice as it helps with immersion. The voices are better than they have any right to be and there is quite a bit of variety in what you can do, making it not as linear as it could be. And of course the lewd scenes are great (and thank God the developers put in a gallery.) 

Hopefully in the (close) future there are more constant updates as this game deserves it

The package you give to Margaret in the Prologue says "Corona Superchef"....*Cough*

Needs a gallery :D

Damn this is really good. 

Usually I glaze over the story but with this one, thanks to keeping dialouge sharp and to the point, I actually read each line. 

Allowing the player to be male and female is a smart choice. Some may take issue you can only be a lesbian if you decide to play as female, but personally, I think this is a correct choice. 

Characters are really great (I love Jada. She's such a hot rebel minx) and rendered pretty well.  

No annoying music and good renders make things even better. 

I hope the gallery gets updated soon and that there will be some noises for the sex scenes. But this is worth checking out. I really do hope this is full completed. 

Please say you'll continue to work on this game. It has such good potential. 

Ah fair enough. Thanks for the tip :D

I like the potential of the game and what is there so far.  It's like a lewd PS1 game :D I hope you are able to eventually finish this game as it'd be a shame not too :) 

Still working on this?

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Is there any cheats for this game? (If not, no biggie, just curious.)

Edit: Okay I found the item. Will there be more cheats added? 

Let us know when the next update will have a gallery. I'll hold out till then on this nice game. 

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Really like what you're doing. This is way more involving then the usual Adult VN/Point n' Click game. 

Is there a gallery/scene replay in the game? If not will there be one in a future update? 

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Hot Damn...Just when it was getting good (or more so) it ends :(

EXCELLENT animation and the use of partial voicing really works, with the voices suiting the characters and not grating. Also, good job on not having too much text, just getting the point across. Character design is also great. 

Saving is kind of weird/broken. I guess the game operates on a checkpoint system and the last save sends you back to the beginning of it, instead of where you saved. It'd be nice if it was the latter. Also hope there will be muitple saves unless the game is extremely linear. 

I do like how you've made most section repeatable so that players don't have to slog through to get to that point just to see a different scene. 

Really hope you finish this.

Luan is best waifu. More of her please. 

Server Code Please

Hold on...First choice, if I act rude and say I'll accept the job offer if I can have sex with her, she kills me. Next choice, the ONLY correct choice leads the player to shagging her...Erm okay lol. 

Ah sounds...I like the sound of that. Worth the wait for that.  I will defo be playing when 0.09 comes along. Guess that means donating on Pateron then :D

Sound please...At least just for the sex encounters :D

Will the gallery be implemented in the next update?

Add a gallery in future updates please. And more lactating scenes :D 

Is there a gallery in the game?

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Man...this looks quality. Gonna have to go for that $10 Pateron just before June 16th :D 

Cool :)

Is there a gallery? If not, please include one in a future update :)