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Thanks :)

Thank you for your Feedback :)

Thank you :)

Thank you:)
I'm working on making a real game out of this tech demo. But that still takes some time.

The Mystery Of Erik got Greenlight. Thank you very much.
I was very surprised that The Mystery Of Erik got Greenlight because it was at a very early stage of development at that time. However, the submission was very important for the further development because many experiences and opinions could be collected.
The next step is to contact Steam and complete the game.
The finished game will differ from the technical demo in some points. The game principle will not change, but it has been improved.
Because of these changes, a game demo is planned. I think a demo is best for you, because you can see the changes and improvements for yourself.

Questions are welcome:)

Thank you very much for your feedback. You are right that this demo is more a proof of concept. With the feedback from the players I get experiences and information for create a full game. I work active on the game.

thank you for your feed

Thank you everybody for playing the demo. I got a lot of feedback. Now I will finish the game and improve following things:

1.) more horror and gameplay
2.) better graphic
3.) better performance
4.) improve of the control
5.) more and better enemys

I need some months for finishing the game. On twitter I will post in future the progress. When the game is ready I post it here. You can ask questions at any time and tips are welcome.

Best regards

thank you for playing:)

Sorry for the download problem. Maybe the itch.io support team can help you?

thank you very much:)

Here is the teaser of The Mystery Of Erik.

Thank you for your interest on the game. Have you already tried it with another browser?

Thank you for your interest on the game. At the moment I see in the analytics a download peak. Maybe this is the problem. Please try it later again.

The Mystery Of Erik is a first person mystery horror game. The goal of my game is to find out what happend to Erik. But not everyone likes your research. The story is told by diary entries, flashbacks, and dreams.

Gameplay Teaser