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I’m good at finding bugs! And I wouldn’t have found it if I didn’t truly enjoy and want the best for you and this game. I like it a lot. Many thanks.

So is this correct for Shift II:

Matching 4 white tiles with a streak of x2:

1 x 4 x 2 = 8 points?

That’s what I would think, but the game displays “+9”.

Digging Shift and now Shift II. Curious about the points system. Would you please give me an explanation of how it works? Can use 3 examples:

  1. 4 White Tiles at Streak x0
  2. 4 White Tiles at Streak x1
  3. 4 White Tiles at Streak x2
  4. 4 Black Tiles at Streak x2

How many points should be added for each situation? Been trying to do the math but not getting it. Thanks!