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Digging Shift and now Shift II. Curious about the points system. Would you please give me an explanation of how it works? Can use 3 examples:

  1. 4 White Tiles at Streak x0
  2. 4 White Tiles at Streak x1
  3. 4 White Tiles at Streak x2
  4. 4 Black Tiles at Streak x2

How many points should be added for each situation? Been trying to do the math but not getting it. Thanks!

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I can see why you're confused - it looks like something has changed with the Playdate SDK since the first Shift was released and the score is not updating correctly. It knows what your score is,  its just not being reflected in the UI. Shift II does not appear to have this issue.

I'll get this fixed and report back here when its been updated on Itch and Catalog.

That said, in Shift each tile is worth 1 point,  multiplied by your current streak.

In Shift II, each tile is worth 1 through 6 points, multiplied by your current streak. The point values for each tile type can be seen when you pause the game via the menu button.

So is this correct for Shift II:

Matching 4 white tiles with a streak of x2:

1 x 4 x 2 = 8 points?

That’s what I would think, but the game displays “+9”.

You've found another bug! I am good at programming. I'll get this fixed.

I’m good at finding bugs! And I wouldn’t have found it if I didn’t truly enjoy and want the best for you and this game. I like it a lot. Many thanks.