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Game runs smoothly on my laptop with 8gb, so you should be fine! 

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You can make things go through by putting quotation marks around the file name, so in this case, you could run ./"Yuki'" and it will run just fine

Just a request to have the game also compiled for linux when it releases, if possible, Thanks! (I don't know how to word things so if this sounded rude in any way, I'm sorry.)

She chose the bees.

What are on?

Yes, you did, however, you cannot gain access to the apk on steam because it's a pc-only platform. There is no way to transfer purchases from steam to here, so even though you own the game, you can't get an apk from there. This is the only place you can as far as I know

you buy it here?

Alright, first, you need to enable Linux under "Developers," wait for that to finish installing, and once it's done, there will be a "Linux" folder under "My Files," extract the game into there, preferably into another folder called "games" or something similar for this guide. Next, open the terminal app, and if you put the game into a folder run "chmod 777 -R [foldername]", then, in order to start the game you need to go to the games folder using the cd command, for me the command would be "cd games/liarliar1.0-all", replace "games" with your folder's name. Once you're in this directory run "./liar\" and there you have it. please don't use the commas around the command in the command, they won't work if you do. I hope this helps!

That was a nice game! Well done!

That was fun! Nice Job!

Even more Bonus Points for the fact that this can be used on nearly any Ren'Py virtual novels that have Linux downloads!

nobody can help you if you don't give out any details about your problem

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spend like 3 dollars to have no ads

trust me, it's worth it

mobile has ads and pc has all hats in the price

It works on my Chromebook, but I agree that ChromeOS keyboard support should be a thing.