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A member registered Oct 15, 2017

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I absolutly love this game, it is so fun. The fast paced play, the style of the game, its all so great, I cant wait to see where it goes. P.S. I m a 3D artist, I can do some prettygood 3D moddleing and I am particularly good at texturing, if you are looking for people to help in that field of design, feel free to contact me.

I cant start the game, I hit launch, and nothing happenes

So, when I downloaded itch, I didnt relize that I had sent it to my ssd, my boot drive, instead of my hard drive. Is there a way I can change the location that my games are downloaded to? 

No problem, thanks for the reply

i cant download the unreal 4 prequisit files, it just does nothing. and i think i let the download go for long enough, it was downloading for 2 hours.

incredible, simply incredible