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Thank you very much, I appreciate everything you do!

It seems to work when I change to do a different game jam, so I went back to a game I was trying to download again, called "Yarn Snap" and I still get the error message, same for any other game in "Godot Wild Jam #63".. but other game jams I don't seem to be able to repeat this issue. 


I've been trying out games from various game jams without issue tonight and then all of a sudden I am getting this message when attempting to download:

"Blocked Page

An error occurred during a connection to

I am using the latest version of Firefox.. heck, I even tried using Microsoft Edge and I can no longer seem to download any games.

Is anyone else having this problem, and if not, how do I fix this?

Please and thank you.

Wow! Very simple yet very addictive! Any chance of offering full screen support? 

Thank you!

Watch out Pizza Tower, it's coming for you!


10/10 Very confusing, very fun. 

I definitely dig this game and I have been recommending it to my friends since I found out about it yesterday. I -will- find that exit someday!

Cute and well designed game. I can tell that your team has put a lot of work into making the best game you can make! 

Fantastic game that reminds me of my time in the NES era in the 80s and 90s. It feels genuine, it makes you really thing about the solutions and it is beautifully presented in it's format. Good job!

Just like some of my favorite games (Titan's Souls, Furi) this game is extremely difficult boss-rush style game. The design, the music.. it's all mysterious and welcoming.. slowing figuring out the patterns of the bosses.. oooh so good! Like I mentioned on Reddit, I will work my way through this game and try to do a video review.. miiiiiiiight take a while though! 

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Holy cow! I say this pop up all over the place.. it really is good! I hope my video will help further spread the word! :)