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I've waited for a while for the game to come out! i never realized it was out until i stumbled upon jacks video! I literally was just now listening to the fan song! But i have to wait for my gf to come back , so we can play the game together!

Thank you :3

Thank you so much :D

Thank you :D

It is a very beautiful game and it slowly increases the mode of the game! It is really calm and relaxing :D

Loved the little score at the end, felt like i was sitting in a room listening to a person guiding us trough space.

Did i kill the creatures with my camera? Not 5 seconds in and my whole tour is already done hahaha

This was really funny, even added these small comments at the end like the once you see on the back side of most books haha

That sounds like a lot of fun :D  ,  i just don't have someone to play with rn :(

Same here, at the end the text is real. I met this sweet old lady in the train and i rly hope she got to see her children one more time.

Did i just play tow times trough the game? haha :D the controls feel rly good!

Started with the Night mode! Rly cool. I think now i understand the saying "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away" , they most have had to deal with this often

I sadly did not quiet understand how the game worked :( but it does look very interesting and i would like to replay after the game jam ended to see how you guys finished it :)

The game was rly fun! The dash controls and the walking felt really nice. The music sounds like music i would make, so i don't know how others felt about it, but i actually liked it.

Hey there, i rly loved the art style! And the sounds the player made when i pressed space! The window was just a bit too small to see a lot, it would be rly cool to have it resizeable in the future! :D

Haha don't anger the AI!! You will regret! Also the disclamer is rly funny! 

Jumped down the cliff, then read that you was not able to finish it. Actually this is a nice idea. l would really want to see the full game if you want to finish it! Finding stuff the guy dropped is a nice mechanic. In the game, i could not do anything with it yet, but i would want to see the game getting finished or at least more to the level :)

Just work with the mechanics you already have and not add to many more, the game is already on a good way!

I got stuck so often haha :D

I think the last level was my favorite level!

l rly enjoyed this game, it is a nice puzzle !

The game is very lovely :D had lots of fun playing it!

This game made me laugh so hard! l rly enjoyed it!

Good luck to you too my friend! you will be alright, don't worry :D

Hey there! Just watched the next Gamedev Video of Bobs Adventure and in the middle of it, i really thought i want to play it, then i got really excited after you announced that there is a playable version of it for us!

I really liked the feeling of the game, there is just one thing i have to say about it and you already mentioned it in the Video.

After i finished all my moves and they notice me, i had to press E to continue. E as a skipable option is a good idea, but if you come up to them and they notice you the game somehow stops until you skip (i only just now saw the mouse skip option).


Thanks! I look forward to more of your awesome games!

also , it took me a while to realize i had a special attack. I only realized after i got every ship haha

Hey there! The game is really awesome! I got so high that the counter stopped, is this the highest i can get? It took me a while to realize that it won't count higher.

I only got one thing and this is the Mouse, it's hard to see. It's white just like everything on my side, which makes me think it's something else and i quickly loose the position of my mouse, which lead me to move my mouse out of the window a few times haha.

In the end this game was amazing, i had to just get every ship and couldn't stop playing until i get a really high score!

This was the highest score this game let me get and after i realized this (took me like 6min to realize), i stopped and made a few screenshots!

by LegendaryMushroom!

ps: really awesome game!


it's kinda funny, i do have java on here and a few days ago i missed the newest update. Yet after i couldn't open your game i did the newest update and it still says this? Maybe something is off with my pc?

hey :D , i think it's this part, cause it's the whole error and warning part i had in here. I think it might be that i need to buy something extra to start this :(

it won't start :C

Thank you! I really can't wait for the full game to come out :)

The game was really funny and i really like the art style of the game.

Yet, the keys i need to use always change and it makes it hard to move around at all or if i'm in a battle. It's just a thought, but maybe add a left-hand /right-hand switch? Like i would be moving around better and in battle too, if i can have my moving controls be w,a,s,d and use the arrow keys to shoot.

Also i don't know how it is over at your place, but my z and x are so far away from each other, i would prefer using r or space button instead. Yet again, it's just my opinion :)

Other than that, i really liked the game and i really want to see more of it!

Hey there,

i played the web version and i didn't hear any sounds at all.

Should this be this way? or? anyways it was kind of addicting.

I think it's because it challenges one.

It's also hard to know if i clicked something wrong, because i did not get any feedback other than the numbers going lower, which is hard to look at if i focus on the arrows haha.

Maybe add something like the buttons flashing red or a small screen shake? 

But sadly i had a winzip problem and couldn't open the other game :( ,

but it is really a problem with my own computer.

Anyways, i'm looking forward to see what you come up with next!

 :D that makes me so happy to hear, thank you! l will try my best!!

I was waiting on a call and got really stressed, i must have accidentally wrote this, haha. Thank you for letting me know.

Ah yes, i was thinking the same, but it's probably a new duck. I want to make a sequel to business duck at some point too :)

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I watched the whole video :) 

Thank you for including my game,

i really liked the video and the game jam was a whole lot of fun! :D

This was really amazing! It's made in two weeks so i get it, bc there were like some bugs i found, but the over  all game was nice.

The art style was really beautiful and the music was giving the atmosphere a little touch.It's just sad that at some point the music stopped :( 

Also, it was really funny and i really did not see the end coming!

It was really good and i wouldn't have noticed that you had just two weeks, because this game was already really good!

Thats nice :)

It was such a nice an relaxing game, i just hope Emily will get well soon.