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The Legendary Mushroom

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Thanks! I look forward to more of your awesome games!

also , it took me a while to realize i had a special attack. I only realized after i got every ship haha

Hey there! The game is really awesome! I got so high that the counter stopped, is this the highest i can get? It took me a while to realize that it won't count higher.

I only got one thing and this is the Mouse, it's hard to see. It's white just like everything on my side, which makes me think it's something else and i quickly loose the position of my mouse, which lead me to move my mouse out of the window a few times haha.

In the end this game was amazing, i had to just get every ship and couldn't stop playing until i get a really high score!

This was the highest score this game let me get and after i realized this (took me like 6min to realize), i stopped and made a few screenshots!

by LegendaryMushroom!

ps: really awesome game!


it's kinda funny, i do have java on here and a few days ago i missed the newest update. Yet after i couldn't open your game i did the newest update and it still says this? Maybe something is off with my pc?

hey :D , i think it's this part, cause it's the whole error and warning part i had in here. I think it might be that i need to buy something extra to start this :(

it won't start :C

Thank you! I really can't wait for the full game to come out :)

The game was really funny and i really like the art style of the game.

Yet, the keys i need to use always change and it makes it hard to move around at all or if i'm in a battle. It's just a thought, but maybe add a left-hand /right-hand switch? Like i would be moving around better and in battle too, if i can have my moving controls be w,a,s,d and use the arrow keys to shoot.

Also i don't know how it is over at your place, but my z and x are so far away from each other, i would prefer using r or space button instead. Yet again, it's just my opinion :)

Other than that, i really liked the game and i really want to see more of it!

Hey there,

i played the web version and i didn't hear any sounds at all.

Should this be this way? or? anyways it was kind of addicting.

I think it's because it challenges one.

It's also hard to know if i clicked something wrong, because i did not get any feedback other than the numbers going lower, which is hard to look at if i focus on the arrows haha.

Maybe add something like the buttons flashing red or a small screen shake? 

But sadly i had a winzip problem and couldn't open the other game :( ,

but it is really a problem with my own computer.

Anyways, i'm looking forward to see what you come up with next!

 :D that makes me so happy to hear, thank you! l will try my best!!

I was waiting on a call and got really stressed, i must have accidentally wrote this, haha. Thank you for letting me know.

Ah yes, i was thinking the same, but it's probably a new duck. I want to make a sequel to business duck at some point too :)

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I watched the whole video :) 

Thank you for including my game,

i really liked the video and the game jam was a whole lot of fun! :D

This was really amazing! It's made in two weeks so i get it, bc there were like some bugs i found, but the over  all game was nice.

The art style was really beautiful and the music was giving the atmosphere a little touch.It's just sad that at some point the music stopped :( 

Also, it was really funny and i really did not see the end coming!

It was really good and i wouldn't have noticed that you had just two weeks, because this game was already really good!

Thats nice :)

It was such a nice an relaxing game, i just hope Emily will get well soon.

Thanks! It's really nice that someone played it :)

Haha, this makes me think about my cats :D i hope she sneaks food somewhere, i had to give those two away, but now they have a whole family :D 

Alright! If you want me to test if the games work for mac, just write me, i'm glad to test anything.

I must say, this was actually funny.

I hope you learn everything you want in your journey and make one day an awesome game with everything you learned so far, until then i must say, your games are really funny :D still hoping to see more in the future.

This was really funny to play, if you make more games like this in the future, l would love to play them!Especially from the story perspective :D 

There seems no way to start the game on mac tho, so i started it in web, which seems to work fine.

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I follow you on youtube since a few days already and watch your tutorials

: ) that's how i found this game, but sadly i can't play it because it's only for windows and not mac : (

thanks to you :D !!

Thank you! :D

Thank you!! Yes! i used to have an older version, but after i updated my mac it wouldn't open again. As i repaired it, the game i was working on was gone, bc they had to completely delete everything on my pc, i can't even get clip studio paint back on which i spend around 200 Euro :(, that's why i started making pixel art .

This is also why they had to give my pc a new version, i don't even know how to say this in english,

but after the new version, my pc literally handicap-ed and this makes it even harder to use gms2.

I always have issues with gms2, it already cost me 3 games in total that i was working for months on, stopped working or vanished completely.

I hope i can fix the issue, so that ppl can play it after the gam, but the game really ain't good, so please don't get your hopes up high.

i will! haha, but the game is not that good haha! i actually was about to and two minutes too late... :c

This is amazing! I can only imagine how long this took you! Sound is on point and everything, it just makes me want to play it again :D!

THIS IS SO AMAZING! i literally want to play these games now! I had no idea you could even change the mouse!?

Thank you a lot!! This really helps!! I will do my best after the jam is over! :D

You are really really helpful!! Thank you!!

This really is a nice game, was funny and i liked how i had to figure out myself how it goes instead of someone telling me :) which made it so much more fun

Thank you for the fast reply :D i just love ducks!

i keep that in mind, do you have any idea what would have spoken to you more? :) like colors or screenshots or maybe the text i wrote?

It's really cool of you to give every game a chance :D Thank you!

Thank you , for saying this.

I'm gonna have a look at my game and fix this.

Also :) i really feel happy that a few people actually wanted to try my game, thank you.

I have a last question, what got you to want to play the game? i want to know this for my future games :D i'm not really good at marketing and stuff. :D

the thing is , i had a windows version, but my friend had to upload it, bc she couldn't send it to me :c

it took a while , but the moment we were able to upload it finally, the game jam stopped, so im gonna add it after the jam.

Thank you for trying and i have a last question, why did you want to play it? i mean what about the page got you hoocked? i would like to know this for my future games :D

It's a really nice game, beautiful and fun to play.