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You are such a chad. Personal problem; although I love this movie, believe it or not I dislike horror itself. So I am a bit to scared playing this, lol. Either way; this is done so well. I apreciate it! <3

I cannot answer your question and shut the fuck up at the same time, sorry. 

Of all the questions you can ask, still asking about Coda now 5 years later... Davey did a podcast - a podcast - on the Beginner's Guide but instead of watching that and taking minor effort you just prefer to post it here in this place which has nothing to do with The Beginner's Guide.

So simple, so calm, so beautiful. <3

It's debunked.

Wel... I got news for you :D

I think Mateusz already took pictures for all the coming games...

Maybe buy Submachine 10 HD seperate? Or send him a direct messige? 

Well, my mistake.

A very nice game. For free. Although I missed the classic ambient played. And there is a problem with the time, it seems not to count the frames someone is in for half a second. Meaning that if you stay not exactly for a second or more in a frame, the time does not count it. Anyways, I am thankfull for the game, on to the future! :D

If someone reads this, I want to make a review of every Mateusz Skutnik game on Itch, so if it is written a long time ago then it will probably be on every one. Every review has 4 topics, Graphic, Sound, Gameplay and Plot.

The graphics of the game is amazing. Although I do not think the wallpaper with black amazing black lines is something more games should have. It first to it because it is a basicly a card game. As in a free happy new years card. The zeppelin is awesome. The windmills are awesome (means much when a Dutch person says that does it :P) So it is a solid 9/10. Because I believe Mateusz will only get better in the future but it is still near perfection! 

Sound effects are realy cute. Santa snorring is super cute. The (what I beleve to be) happy drums are amazing. The trolls sound effect is always the same and good, but maybe it could use on or 2 more? I am not sure. It is still great and I give it an 9/10

The gameplay is a bit hard. But that is because I fail at platformers because I am a bad gamer. It is super nice when you die you never need to restart and sometimes stay at the same place. So it is perfect there. I give it a 9/10.

The plot is very nice. Santa trowing snow balls everywhere as a hidden superpower (maybe split the snowball and in door walking ability, because sometimes that is anoying) is super cool. I give it a 7,5/10

I maybe was a bit harsh but I think if Mateusz had more critism instead of an (don't get me wrong) well deserved stream of positivity, the games and comic would be so much better.

If someone reads this, I want to make a review of every Mateusz Skutnik game on Itch, so if it is written a long time ago then it will probably be on every one. Every review has 4 topics, Graphic, Sound, Gameplay and Plot.

Graphics are a bit less when I compare it to the first game, it feels kinda grey and not much glimps. I know this game takes place underground in a sewer/secret base. But I knew that if the game was redrawn or made in this year it would be so much better. The way the German spiked helmets are flat is kinda bad. But when you are outside the nightsky in the Bavarian forest is amazing. I hopes that Mateusz opens it and shows a little bit more of the forest. I give it a 6,3/10

The sound FX and soundtrack are a bit better. There are more walking sounds. But the fact it only has one track is a bit weird. I think personally a tunnel has a different sound than a brick ladder... And I know Mateusz has the sounds to add them. In the old Movie Real videos on Youtube (Now on vimeo) he uses other sound FX which he should implement. There are enough royalty free sounds for it. I give the sound FX and soundtrack a low score, because it could make the game way better if it has more love it it. I give it a 5,7/10

The gameplay is lacking, it is a bit to easy and when it comes to entering a code it seems just to difficult, there is no rule behind the keypad numbers and there is no way of figuring it out otherwise than pressing them and noting the place where they are. Also, when you are trapped and cannot go outside it screens though the PC to be explored. Also when the hatch in the bigging is closed. I want to explore that so bad! I think it realy deserves so much more love. I give it a 4,9/10. I know revisiting it would make the game so much better.  But maybe I am to hard on it, since the first part is so cool in the greatest mansion drawn in Mateusz skutniks games ever and now just a semi bunker.

The plot is cool at some points, Kara entering a code to the IAGH and going out of the elevator is so cool like the intro of Covert Front 1. The intro of this game is not lacking either. But I am afraid it will be removed once the game is remade in game maker. I give the gameplay a 7,6/10

If someone reads this, I want to make a review of every Mateusz Skutnik game on Itch, so if it is written a long time ago then it will propably be on every one. Every review has 4 topics, Graphic, Sound, Gameplay and Plot.

Graphics of the Third Aesthetic has totally been antiquated when you see PNCE. That game shows off the potential.   But when you compare it to a room escape game, it totally destroyed it when you compare them. The games intro and mansion are so near perfectly done. I say near because I know they will be updated in the legacy game maker version. The game is so important to me, I played it back in the winter of 2007. And as a little kid it impacted so much and showed me art and beauty in one of it's most purest forms. And then compare it PNCE. I have to give it a lower grade because I know it could be improved and should be. Mateusz said he wants to make Submachine: The Legacy kinda the same because it should be historical. But I realy hope he near-redraws Covert Front. I mean, it is kinda a shame it isn't behind a paywall. Because I would love people to have the MP3's of the game but I think it deserves the respect. I give the graphic disign a 7,6/10

The Sound AFX and the Soundtrack have an impact. It is a shame the game has the same walk effect ever time you move. I also think in the game maker version some effects could be better. Such as the sound the door makes before you open it. It makes sence for the broom closet, but not for the iron handles in the normal rooms. The Brian did a real good job at the soundtrack, but it simply lacks tracks. I hope he will make more when the legacy is made, but I also think thumpmonks should with some fine tuning and carefulness improve the game. I give the sound FX and Soundtrack a 6,8/10

The gameplay is a bit to easy. I know, it took me 2 years to beat it. But I was 9 so you gotta give me that :D I love the clock in the painting. And the crowbar ending. And the way you open the mansion door, but it just seems to easy. I know arkade town at the time wanted something easier. But it should be fixable since you broke up with them. I give the gameplay a 7,8/10

The plot of the game is good. But the Manfred note is a bit low quality. It could have so much more to it. The way Kara jumps over the fence is absolutely great. I shows off her badassness in the intro itself. Breaking the crowbar, opening the secret room, it is worth a 9,5/10

I said to myself I would wait untill the Legacy, but I could not wait anymore. I have to say that from my 7 year old self to my 15 year old self, I had a blast playing the games. Chears!

Jokes aside, I realy love the creativity in the game, it was very enjoyable :D

10/10 would bully again.

RIP My little friend.

Hi! I love the alpha! And it is nice you put it here semi-free, when I am in a Blue Cube, it seems there are two textures at the same place, so it is kinda a texture bug. Other than that, the Cube of Natali had the texture patters different. I want to make a SVG version of the overlay, 

I wish I could make a different texture for the doors, but on the other hand I have almost no experience with Unreal, but I am experienced in Photoshop. But if I want to make an SVG version of this tile above, I have to make it in illustrator.