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If someone reads this, I want to make a review of every Mateusz Skutnik game on Itch, so if it is written a long time ago then it will probably be on every one. Every review has 4 topics, Graphic, Sound, Gameplay and Plot.

The graphics of the game is amazing. Although I do not think the wallpaper with black amazing black lines is something more games should have. It first to it because it is a basicly a card game. As in a free happy new years card. The zeppelin is awesome. The windmills are awesome (means much when a Dutch person says that does it :P) So it is a solid 9/10. Because I believe Mateusz will only get better in the future but it is still near perfection! 

Sound effects are realy cute. Santa snorring is super cute. The (what I beleve to be) happy drums are amazing. The trolls sound effect is always the same and good, but maybe it could use on or 2 more? I am not sure. It is still great and I give it an 9/10

The gameplay is a bit hard. But that is because I fail at platformers because I am a bad gamer. It is super nice when you die you never need to restart and sometimes stay at the same place. So it is perfect there. I give it a 9/10.

The plot is very nice. Santa trowing snow balls everywhere as a hidden superpower (maybe split the snowball and in door walking ability, because sometimes that is anoying) is super cool. I give it a 7,5/10