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CrossOver is the ticket! Works great.

Right on, and I understand. I’ve been sleeping on a shmup ship generator for a while now, so might be time to dust it off and get procedural for open source and game jam projects. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

Looks great, solid mechanics, love it!

Correction, it is Defold, and the source pngs must be referenced to pull them into the game.

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done AND done.

I would think that if it works in the Puma browser than you could argue it is a mobile game, but since it is HTML5 might as well provide an experience for mouse and keyboard users too.

Coil was sending payments when I just visited your link. However, Akita did not detect that web monetization was running.

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@TheSugarRay, I think it is a way to universally promote content creators so they do not have to resort to advertisemnts to make a little scratch on their content. The brave browser has a similar monetization concept built in, and I have been using it and contributing to creators passively while not engaging in ads, and love it.

So i would think of it being less of a tip jar, and more of a replacement for monetizing with advertisements. Ko-fi is exactly a tip jar IMO, and these are two very different and useful things to have.

Using for a game-jam submission, I was hoping to open source the game after the jam is over. What are your thoughts on how to handle something like this, or should I use different assets for the jam? I wouldn’t be including the originals, just the assets after imported into the engine. Guessing a license would need to be attached to the assets, with no-reuse, but it’s the internet…