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Hey, just realized I've played a couple of your other games before thanks to DF! <3

I think that a big part of doing a game jam is shipping something you know can be better. My opinion is that it is better to publish with imperfections than it is to have a perfect idea that never sees the light of day. I'm glad I played Missing Missiles, I've been wondering how you did the cool starfield effect for example. I totally understand and respect you not wanting to come back to a project that doesn't feel good to work on anymore, but I hope that you don't feel bad about sharing. This was a really ambitious project and it has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing what games you make in the future!

I had a lot of fun with this, even though I suck and Peter kept leaving me. I knew I was in trouble when the boss music would kick in. <3

No, Peter. Don't leave meeeeee!

Beautiful art and animations, the game was fun to play but that Strange Spirit was the death of me! The enemy was particularly cool and it was fun just to watch. Made me want to play a fighting game with these characters!

Very cool and a lot of fun. I didn't think the game could possibly live up to the name, but against all odds I had a blast. It really gets fast there at the end!

I kinda feel like I'm breaking the law just playing this, but it was a lot of fun. Those monitors get moving fast and it's hard not to laugh at all the contraband. And that music 🔥🔥🔥

Wow, truly phenomenal game. The art, polish, music, writing, gameplay...everything fit together to serve a greater purpose and make this feel like a full experience. Fantastic job!

Really great interpretation of the theme! It was much harder than I thought it would have been, I really had to pay attention! The big like buttons were a really cool take, kinda reminded me of the recent wordle phenomenon with the social media hints. Very cool!

Really spooky and atmospheric, I didn't see any opposition at first but when I went around the corner and ran into it... "YOU DIED!" Great moment!

Wow! So much personality, it was a ton of fun to zoom around and I loved the sense of humor with the music, "enemy" pins, medic pins, etc. Great idea and execution! 

Confirmed! You can still update at any point. I'll swing back through before voting ends in case you end up making changes!

Seems like there's a lot of promise here, but I had problems with the textures. Flying through spaces looks really cool though, and the missiles looked like they were really neat. The screenshots look amazing too!

It was really neat swinging that ball and chain around and the sound was really fun too...especially when I won. Hooray! It was really satisfying to get a good hit on a...not sure if it's a blob or crocodile, but it was fun!

Very cool submission! Don't think I've ever sacrificeduned any foxes or sheep in a game before! There was something surreal about the volcano and the music and the animals falling from the sky. Oh, and don't forget the charming reaper ghost flying us all to our doom, super cute!

I really liked the level design, there was something cool about the float tiles. It was fun to rock hop and get some height but that black orb kept a' comin'!

Super cute character and eye! The respawn mechanic was really cool and it was fun just running and jumping around in the world. Great pacing and level design too, had a nice way of introducing me to the mechanics as the game went along.

I didn't read the instructions initially so I had a heck of a time getting through the first two levels, the slow down mechanic helps a lot! Super cute graphics and sound and the mechanics (once I figured them out!) were really cool!

Beautiful game, love the vibe! Fantastic style and it was very peaceful to swim around *chomp* "oh no!". The sound was perfect.

Great take on the theme! I loved tricking those cubes, that 3rd level was tough but rewarding to lead them around like that.

Really cool game! Clever idea and excellent execution. The pacing and level design was excellent too, so the game was constantly teaching me the way to play. Very satisfying to solve a tough puzzle. My mind might be permanently bent now. :)

Not much HP left!

The shooting was really satisfying, I loved the sounds and the way the enemies started piling up on me. Got down to 100s on my second playthrough *flex*. Bonus points for having two weapons, that was really fun!

Took me a bit to figure out how to get the shadows to stay, but once I got it things went really well. Really cool art, sounds and gameplay. I particularly love the creepy eyes!

Great idea, the sound was perfect and creepy. I was tempted to blame my neighbor but I figured it out the first time. I really like how the pictures moved on the screen, really felt like I was scrubbing through photographs trying to figure out the mystery. 

The controls felt really great, it was a lot of fun dodging me missile around the obstacles. There was something really funny about the way the missile would push you when you eventually got hit. I expected an explosion, but instead it felt like it was saying "I got you, I got you" over and over again.

The controls felt great, as did the pacing and user experience. It was a lot of fun when the enemies would surprise me. The yellow ones are fast!

Just realized I forgot to say how great the music was! I instantly wanted to sing along.

Super cute! I'm proud to say I got to catch some of this on twitch, which made playing it really cool. I was there for that double jump carrot! It was hard, reminded me of the good ol NES days, but it was a lot of fun. I like how the momentum carried over so you could do really long jumps like on the 3rd level...which was REALLY tough, but fun to fly around!

Super cool idea, fantastic idea. You did a great job with the level. It was very challenging but I could tell how you placed items that helped me "true up" the characters. Only suggestion I would have was a mode that let the player keep the fruit they had already gotten because it was such a challenge. Gameplay, animation and sound were all perfect!

Super scary monster, and the glass was really cool. I liked how I could only carry one gem at a time, made me plan my route. My favorite part was how the character would run faster when the monster was around, real "wow" moment.

Really cool game, I love the atmosphere and the focus on movement. I had a hard time with the jumping, I couldn't get past the part with the narrow beam and the turret but I really wanted to see the other types of wisps! (the wisps looked super cool btw)

Blast from the past! It's been a long time since I thought about this game. Super well executed, I love those tense moments when you're trying to time things just right.

Super cute! I couldn't help but yell when the cat got me and started eating all my chicks. "Aaaaaah!"

Loved the "experimental chicken farmer" too, lots of fun - especially the audio and speed buffs.

Heh yeah, I did tweak it later so that they explode sooner. The lingering enemies was actually a bug that slipped in near the end because of how I added the audio. Probably would have been easy to fix, we are!

Heh yeah, the only difference is the song that plays at the end. I had plans but...ya know :) 

How much for a season pass?

Level 3 doesn't mess around! This was super cute, and a lot of fun. Plus it looks like my dogs, now if I can just get them a jetpack! Seriously though, this was an awesome game.

I see other people mentioned it, I was desperate for a hotkey. This was a ton of fun though, I loved the action packed, intense music. Everything looked and played beautifully. It was really clever and I really enjoyed it, I'm just not great at the drag and drop :)

That was plan A! I only had the small guitar loop, so I thought it would be grating without changing the drums up. I wanted to get around to it, but it just didn't happen. This was my first time working with sound, and not I have a much better idea of what's needed! Thanks for playing!