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It appears that the dialogue system is entirely broken in the current build. I have no idea why as it worked in 0.6.8 but then broke. We will have to add that to our list

It runs fine in the editor and when we make a build the game is playable. What is your hardware setup?

The way Jade works is entirely different than the other characters. Unlike Vergence and Genesis she actually crawls up the wall. To engage you need to Jump into the wall while pressing the shift key and it should cause her cling to wall behaviour to trigger.

Ahh good question. If you know anything about Unity we are using the PlayerPrefs to save settings ect which are stored in the registry files on windows. You can reference the below article to find where the keys are being stored.

SOLVED: Where is Unity’s PlayerPrefs stored on Windows? | by Spobwoode | Medium

All the files should exist in the zip or .rar files that are uploaded to itchio

You can report them here. I am the lead developer and I routinely check this thread

What is the make/model of your PC?

I am currently working on the Jade release we are getting really close, but I have no idea what the estimated time is as not all of the frames have been drawn yet.

What is your system/specs?

Thanks for the bug report I will add that to my list. Hopefully it's an easy fix 

Which versions would you like?

I'm working on the animations for Jade right now. After they are done we will still need to created the custom logic for her characters attacks.

same situation the game starts. Goes through the loading screen then gets stuck on the level name screen. But for myself this only seems to happen in editor. The built game works perfectly fine bit I can see how an older computer would struggle to run the game. We are continuously finding new ways to better optimize the performance but even I am shocked that given all we have done so far it is still not enough.

Can you spend the specs of your PC? I'm using a high end gaming laptop to devlop on. It has 16GB of RAM a GeForce graphics card for gaming. Intel i5 and even I can not seem to get the game to start half the time as well.

Can you tell us what chip processor your computer is using? The game was built to run on intel 64 bit not Apple silicon. If your Mac is using the Apple Silicon processor then we will have to rebuild the mac version to suite it in the next release.

Deva are fully aware of the major performance issues. There is no reason for this game to be more resource intensive then a variety of other major AAA games. We have yet to find the root cause of why the game runs so poorly.

Unity has the ability to make a 32 bit build. We can do that for the next build (June) if you like

Hello, can you provide more details for the dev team. What OS are you using? What are the specs of your system. What does completely unplayable mean? like does it crash on opening or during gameplay?

Sorry for the late reply. I am the lead developer I can confirm there are 4 people myself included still working on the game. We are facing more challenges then any of us expected taking over the project but are hard at work ensuring the best quality product gets produced. 

Apologies for the delay. I took over the project in September without any guidance from the previous developer. Much of what was initially created I still am figuring out how they built it. This has been the reason for the excessive delay in the update.

Apologies for the delay, but I want to assure you that its still being worked on. I am the new developer who joined in September. I sort of had the project dropped in my lap without direction and have spent many months trying to figure out how it was put together. Progress is still being made, but we are getting closer ever day to the new update.

Hello, I'm the new developer on the project. Progress has been slow as I'm working alone and the scope of the project is quite extensive but we are getting closer ever day to the Patch 0.6.6