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is your PC 32bit or 64bit? because that may be the problem.

i love the game, but can we please have a respawn option so we don't have to physically leave the server and rejoin? and if the zombies stopped following you a bit quicker. also fists. dont have to do much damage but stuns zombies for a short time. these things would definitely add to the game and make it all round more playable.

fam no offense but how exactly would u make a shotgun on a floating raft in the middle of the ocean, and how would u get the shells, which brings me to something else. HOW THEFUCK DOES SCRAP METAL FLOAT????

Great game that has brilliant potential, but i think a few things should be added. keep in mind that these are my ideas not the ideas of the whole public.

-day/night cycle + dynamic weather (optional in settings)

-storage crates

-lightning storms (can light blocks on fire)

-water buckets (too put out the fire)


-beds (just if you want to skip night, plus possibly as a respawn point when u die?)

-more variety of wildlife (whales, visible fish, more sharks...)

-bow and arrows

-more variety of plants/trees

-multiplayer (optional between separate rafts and the same raft)

Again these are just my ideas but i think they would really help expand the game. Well done, and keep up the good work.