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The game already has controller support

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outdoor.ogg is Phantom Forest and outdoor2.ogg is Into The Darkness both from Final Fantasy 6 

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The engine only supports Windows. In order to support other platforms I would have to port the game to a different engine which would be an enormous endeavor. It is something I can definitely do later down the line, but for now, the game is stuck with just Windows.

This build only has support for XInput right now. Your controller uses DInput. You can use an emulator such as XOuput to use your controller in the game.

try wine, it can let you play windows executibles on a mac

The game is compressed which can create a false positive. just click run anyway

Something like this sadly can't be ported to a system like that. May I ask, what are you using to play on MAC?

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Thanks! And, if you can record this phenomenon and link a video, it would be greatly appreciated.

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First, only if copyrighted material. Second, I didn't convert it from youtube, the artist offically released the track

if you return to a room, you'll find that all the furniture has reset. you can farm hearts this way.

You're playing an outdated version of the game.  Try the Area 1 & 2 demo.

It's the end of the first demo, there's nothing to do after that point besides mess around.

Use the fire element. Press "1".

You can change the screen size in the options menu below load

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Rushing me is not going to make it come any faster if that's what you're asking. Anyway, i'm not working on the game at the moment because I've been very busy with other things. If you're wondering about my progress in Area 2, it's about half way done.

Yes, but not anytime soon.


Thank you very much! :D

It's made with Game Maker

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That depends if I can find a mac to export the game onto.

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If you're on google chrome drag the downloaded file to your desktop or click it.

When you downloaded it did you click "Save as"?

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It's just a bug that sometimes happens with GameMaker. There's nothing I can really do about it since there's no known cause, all I can suggest is to try redownloading the game or restarting your computer...