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Hi, I would like to know on how to make animation work with buildbox. I tried importing Pete from Animation character pack and the animation works well. But when I add the same animation to other characters from Dungeon and Mini Game Asset pack or skeleton pack the animation doesn't work. Kindly share some insight on how to make it work.

Download : Download 3D Office Pack From Here



Presenting you a collection of 3d Office pack models suitable for adding into your game or projects. It contains essential 3d Office models such as file, pen stand, diary, ink bottle, paperclip, calendar, briefcase, todo list, message,setsquare, bin and last but not the least a coffee mug.

The Files included are in following format 

  • OBj with Textures
  • DAE
  • STL
  • FBX
  • glTF
  • Voxel
  • Gif ( For Preview)

If you like my models you could motivate me by leaving a tip for a coffee ;) More would be coming based on your response. Feel free to leave feedback .

Download : Download 3D Office Pack From Here

Thank you :) But I use Buildbox and Buildbox only support textures as of now :(

Hi, Thank you for the information :)

Hi, I tried to use your 3d files but found that there isn't texture included. However I imported fox to blender and exported as obj/wavefront but I could find the texture files. Can you tell me what I am missing ? Btw I am new thank to blender ;)

Hi,I have send you the bbdoc via buildbox forum :)


You are welcome and thanks for the response :) .The wall has been set to static.However the character object pass through it .

Note: For 3d i modified y axis with z.

Hi,I purchased this code for step limit.And i used this for a 3d game.Unfortunately it was hard to make it work but got it working :) however when the character collides with another object it just pass through it. How to fix this ? i think its not detecting collision .