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Is the update released today?

Hope to read the next update soon <3

Very rust punk-y indeed. I loved it so far, but there is still room for improvements. What I disliked about the VN was the buggy rides. You seemed to use it as a pause from the action so you can better explain the characters and places of your world, and something about how that was delivered made it feel like a boring chore to read through. This is just an idea, but what if you had the MC dream about those moments, so instead of 'explaining' things to the reader, we could live through them ourselves from the MC's perspective?

In my opinion, as a reader, I do not like long moments where the writer dumps information about their world and characters/events. These notes should be kept to the writer and then thought of a fun or exciting way to show the reader those things, rather than explain it to the readers like it was a lesson and the VN is the classroom. It is interesting, dont get me wrong, but information dumps suck when you are the reader who expects something a little more, in terms of standards.

Good luck and please keep it up. I really enjoyed this VN and cant wait to see what happens next.

But... That's what I did. I got end of demo...

Anyone know how to read day 21/bad timeline? IDK how to get it and none of the saves I have so far will let me progress to day 21. Likely will have to start a new game.... So does anyone know what choice I have to make?


Awesome update! Very interesting change of pace!!

Apparently that was when Patreons got theirs. It is likely uploaded here, but we cannot see/click it.

Agreed with blaber below. Except the country I am in blocks those sites. (I mean the kind that offers donation with no product/service attached, and patreon/kofi and other things like that and crowd sourcing is all off the table).

I tend to support creators by buying their merch, or weirdly, asking a friend to support them for me in exchange for skins/game sharing on steam XD

Likely within this week. Or the week after.

Hope we get an update this month. Things were getting very interesting.

Can you tell us more? I am curious what that password was and what it did.

This was a pretty good VN. Enjoyed it quite a bit! It seems that Drakes has a lot of talent, and has other VNs he worked on besides Limits.

I really liked Rod, so I can't wait to play his route. Drakes should come back to this VN some time.

(1 edit)

Well we weren't told everyone is supposed to be locked in their rooms. Just like there is a chance he was doing something shady to hurt them all, he could be sneaking around to avoid an actual spy in their midst that he is trying to give wrong clues to or misinform without trying to get caught by anyone else. If anything, Max the tiger could be a spy. He got all worked up when things got complicated with the MC joining in and doing a new part in their schemes. He would have no time to warn the people he is working for, which is why he is (the only one) freaking out about a new recruit.

Again, I could be all wrong. IK not all story writers try to make things hard for their readers, and would prefer to highlight who the good and bad are. Benjie sneaking around at night as a major clue that: because he isn't acting like one of them, it means he is not one of them and is a traitor... or something. / I just don't like easy clues. Makes me feel like I am reading a children's book or the day dreamings and fantasies of somebody else who is sharing it, just with some contexts here and there so it can make sense to readers. I like a little more purpose and intent whenever a character does or says something, rather than just judge them on the first impression because of their position or mood . Didn't grow up on Scooby Doo for nothing ya know?

I kind of get the creators vision of a gay-only game. Even as homosexuality was becoming accepted in the 70s and on, there was never really anything exclusively gay that didn't come with some heterosexual/queer relationships (that changed maybe in ~2005 onward as the internet took off fast). That's a bit of a shame when you consider how many exclusively gay people liked consuming media like literature and art between those times and didn't have anything entirely for themselves unless it was created with a gay-only vision like this game. I'm down with it, even if it is a little hypocritical of general society that demands something LGBTQ in every piece of media from movies to advertisements, instead of letting a few be exclusively heterosexual.

I don't get why people like sus characters whose first impression was to treat us like sh*t. I shoot someone's ear half off and I bet the only BJ I am going to see is the ones I give in jail.

I will say though, theyre running a little underground rebellion rather than some kind of wimpy smear campaign or cancel culture shenanigans. The way I see it, he is making sure we aren't a wimp that will put them all in jeapordy and can be trusted with life/death situations and not snitch them out if we get caught and tortured. As in if we cried our ear got hurt and respond with wanting to cancel him from the group, we're going to give off the impression of a wimp and likely get kicked out. So far MC stayed cool, so maybe now Benjie will chill out.

It would be hard to believe he is a spy. As a spy you dont want anyone to notice you. Not start drama and get the ire of everyone and their vote to kick you out for misbehaving. I just think he takes his underground rebellion work very seriously which makes him come off across as shady (who would have guessed?).

The problem is likely on your end since no one else had that issue that I can see of.

Make sure you have the correct game version for your operating system. Make sure you open it in 32 or 64 bit system depending on your specs again.  If needed, run the app as administrator. If you still have problems try creating an exception for the game on your anti virus (sometimes the anti virus programs love to whack safe apps. 99.999% sure there are no viruses in this download. you may have to restart your computer or download the whole game over again if your AV irreparably damaged the game. Just make sure to turn off your AV while it downloads, make the exception ((restart if needed to take effect)), and turn your AV back on so you dont forget after youre done reading).

Renpy also uses graphics, game/mouse/keyboard and sound/voice drivers. Try restarting/updating your drivers on your device manager. They tend to break or need an update to run newer apps sometimes.

If none of these solutions work then IDK what could be wrong. These are the usual problems people have when using Renpy.

Not really. But if you search around reddit and other sites you should find most of your answers. Also, if you want to know what each choice does to the future dialogue you can go into settings and make sure you do not skip unseen text (it should be this way by default). Then you just go back to the last dialogue and skip what you can and read the rest. That's what I did but I had to wipe all the saves from %appdata% so its fresh and the game doesnt know what text you read. Just keep in mind that doing that is like a reformatting. Youll have to re read everything all over again  unless you remembered your chocies and enabled skip unseen text.

As for the talk with Hamond where you can ask him any question, whatever you ask him wont have an impact on the game, and I do believe Grizz has not programmed in any text that will give us clues or confirm our own suspicions of what is going on. So over all, youre not missing much.

Criticisms (Spoilers ahead).

Ikalis' chapter has a bit of a information dump that became a little boring to read. I would have to say after mentioning no-mans-land between the canine and barbarian kingdoms things take a dip rather quickly. If the information is relevant to the story keep it in. But if it isn't relevant then best to not mention it at all. For example I am assuming you told us about this no-mans-land between two rivers because sooner or later either we will have to go there to conquer it or hear of news about a skirmish in there that steers the direction of the story. While it is nice to have a repository for fans to further learn the details of your world, it becomes a bit of a chore for the average reader to read through all that geography stuff in the story itself.

Almond's chapter was really cute but he literally spent no time on Ehlly. As much as I can guess he noticed the MCs excitement and ran away from an awkward situation. But I am not yet convinced he had a valid reason for bolting like that. I am just getting the vibes that the writer doesn't know how to continue this scenario and is a bit awkward himself teehee. I might be wrong though. Would have liked it a bit more if it lasted longer.

Rod's chapter was short as well, but it is a bit understandable. He doesn't like the MC much so a conversation or interacting with him that much isn't really expected. At the end of the training after we notice his scar he says that the training went okay. I think the writer needs to work on that. For example going a bit further in trying to uncover the story of the scar. I assume no one with such a bad scar will be happy to open up, so after what it appears that we annoyed Rod for him to then go and say it was "okay" makes things a little more significant. As if he is saying he is sorry for snapping at the MC or saying it was okay for him to pry and giving the hint he'd be okay about talking more about it next time.

The Princess' chapter was okay assuming she is not datable. After all Ehlly made it clear he doesnt like females that way. Not sure if it was intended, but I get the feeling she is interested in MC. At least that's the way it rubs off the way it was written. Some more details could have been added, and some more humor inserted to show her immaturity. Not that that is very important but I like your style of writing and would have enjoyed all their chapters a bit more if they had more to offer and if Ikali's chapter had some cuts with the information dump.

I don't mean to dishearten the writer, or tell them their work isn't enjoyable. It is very enjoyable! Some VNs have their own clever way of introducing all the love interests, but I prefer this style by far. It beats VNs like Echo, and even though it seemed just as short, I still felt like I learned more about the characters than I did in a similar chapter for After Class. As I said before, not sure if it was on purpose, but awkward situations are avoided instead of confronted, even when it seems more natural to confront them (like inquiring about the scar). It can still make the story go forward in a positive direction assuming there is a creative round about mentality behind the characters (like Rod wanting to open up about it to somebody, and feeling bad about getting defensive about it. After all, he wouldnt take his shirt off if he was not ready to open up about it... At least I would think that). So don't be afraid to try and create friction with some interactions. Not every confrontation had to end up with a negative outcome, and Rod seems like the one to try it on the most.

It can be hard to take VNs too seriously. For example, blood tends to dry a bit quick on cloth. If they examine things more closely they will realize the only bit of blood on the MC is what dripped on his shoulder. If he got him from behind then trying to make that kind of gruesome cut on someone taller than you would be very hard especially if he had to close Raynar's muzzle shut to do it silently. I also feel like he seen this coming which is why he asked the MC to be there for his kid; Maybe they will find something like a note that exonerates him? Because it makes no sense to murder a king for no reason in silence and then tumble as youre running out of there like a total clutz and not a ninja. The dagger or whatever it was was also left at the scene. I think a sniff at it with a wolf species will be able to tell it wasnt touched by Richter. Maybe the design of it would be recognizable, maybe to Lyall if it belongs to that reptile assassin. Why else would it be left at the crime scene if the murderer wanted them to know who done it? [Unless they intended to frame MC from the beginning. In which case we dont have enough info on who the culprit is other than who may have planned it but not did it. If this VN made any sense at all it wont be someone short, weak, or unable to climb/fly like Lief, Liz, or Kadaj. And Adrius will just be another victim here, maybe puppeted. Kadaj as well. He must have seen this coming somehow. Whoever it is is trying to drive a wedge between Lyre and other kingdoms. Someone wants the throne methinks or just to really destabilize Lyre which is perfect for bandits to operate from if the kingdom becomes corrupted. It is all conjecture and we wont know what really happens in this story though. It is up to Atmac and his imagination].

As Grizz said; If you play through it at a normal pace then the password will appear somewhere in the text. Just pay attention to what youre reading and look for any suspicious words that could be a clue. As a hint I will tell you that the password has something to do with how they die.

Andy was a bit random for all the day 8 updates. He might go random again. He already put Gil off so we can only hope he goes back to the old route updates instead of sticking to the newer ones and we can have another Gil update before 4 months. Gil's is one of my favorites since he is so entertaining.

Well I played through it and there was no kiss scene in it. Near the end of the story what is your score with Gil? (by opening the menu and then clicking characters then on Gil). Mine is 6 hearts and 74 thumbs up. If it is different that might be it. In which case I wonder what choice I picked wrong... Do you remember what you chose?

spoilers PLZ.

There could be multiple reasons. Make sure that the game is compatible with your computer. To do this just right click the launcher icon and select 'Properties' and find the compatibility tab and make sure everything is in order. Antivirus could also be interfering. Some antiviruses destroy the whole game files meaning you have to redownload the game again. When you do make sure to first turn off your antivirus temporarily and if possible create an exception for the game after its downloaded (sometimes you have to restart your computer for it to take effect even if it doesnt warn you. so do that just in case before opening the game again). If not then you just have to keep the antivirus off as you play.

I cant think of anything else unless there is something running in the background, a virus maybe, that wont let you run the game for some other reason. If I recall correctly League of Legends would fail to download/patch a small part of the game and the game would close because of that missing part. Some computers weren't able to download the missing part even after many reinstallations. If this is the same issue you might need to use a different device but that is highly unlikely.

If all else fails and you cant find a fix online there are some youtube channels that narrate for you.

His music really helped with the tone in the VN. I assume a lot of us had to deal with people dying near us these past 1.5 years. (Extended) family, friends, old classmates and acquaintances all falling victim and no longer able to be there for their loved ones while also leaving a hole we all have to figure out how to fill. Despite the overwheling stress and sadness of it all there is an opportunity of those who are still alive to do the things they once did and enjoy life the way they had.


Covid sucks so dont take it lightly. I encourage anyone who is willing to get the vaccine and booster shots on time to do so. Do your own research and if you heard something fishy look deeper into it. Sometimes early therapy can help things from getting worse, or so I heard about ivermectin, azithromycin, and monoclonal antibodies.

If you look on the internet hard enough you can find them. Best not to point or write them down here lest you get your post removed or worse, cause the comment section to shut down. I am pretty sure that every time youre forced to play around with the vault there IS a password that works, even on the first try where there literally is no clues. Let's just say that first password makes the game a little more spicey, so good luck with trying to find it!!! As for the other passwords hopefully rely on your memory. There are clues as the passwords are actually specifically mentioned in the text (except the first 2 and the 1 in the art); You just have to read every word and see if something rings a bell.

I like Tyson too. Out of the whole group, romancing him seems to be the most obvious choice given the history they had.

Is it just me or is there no download button?

And another comment for Andy mostly.

I think it'd just be easier to release routes based on popularity or if not then whatever story fits best. I think you must know most people tend to do all the routes (I am) and it is nice piecing the puzzle of Walter's past. If it makes more sense to have a less popular bara have their update so the story is easier to piece together then go for it especially if it makes things easier for you. Otherwise youre doing great to just release who is popular.  (Psssst! Was really hoping for a Gil update this month! He's my fav XD).

Keep up the good work! Would love to support you with patreon but heh the country I live in disabled it for NSFW material.

Is anyone having a glitch problem when clicking to go to next text and it starts rewinding on you? Im getting that and IDK what is causing it. It's been in every version I have ever downloaded. Maybe I should just chuck the whole thing + the %appdata% files? Or is it like that for everyone?

Well the obvious parts is something tragic happened. No one who was there wants to bring it up. What could have caused his amnesia is still a mystery. Could be head trauma or it could be emotional trauma. Considering he had to stay home and recover I am going with something physical. / I do find the ~8 year age difference a bit weird between Walter and the non student cast. However that could be another clue to what happened in his past considering not many situations come up where kids and teens are just eft unattended and could get hurt. Perhaps a kind of boy scouts or camping trip? / I believe we might get more info on days 9 and 10 especially since the beach trip has lead to Walter uncovering more about his past and repressed memories resurfacing to the point where he is now aware this might not be the first time he has met this cast of friends. Be patient. More will be revealed soon enough.

Indeed. He did say that he was working on some of the software so that the process of making the VN goes faster on his end. Furthermore, I dont really blame him if he barely got anything done w/o the help of his BF. IK other VN creators who take a whole month to put out ~50 - 75 minutes worth of reading (having no job relying on patreon just like Kael). Granted on average Kael took 2 extra weeks on almost every promised release, his VNs give me upwards of 200 minutes of read time. Im not defending Kael at all, I am just saying be grateful because he really has no experience with renpy until now and the quality and effort he puts forward is beyond exquisite. I would kind of think the community/fans of this VN would be more understanding and not act so rude. And if youre a patreon supporter then I highly recommend subscribing to it only when it suits your needs. Kael has failed to deliver on deadlines most of the time, and this time it has been really bad, BUT REMEMBER: Patreon is for supporting the creator. It really isnt a legally binding contract that you will get a good/service for pledging money to him nor is that patreon's primary use. Measure your expectations when spending your money so you dont hurt your own feelings when your expectations are not met.

It's useful if someone wants to go back and try other combination of choices. I like to do it with After Class by Andy Peng since there is unique dialogue depending on how much the character likes you back. @Killer Chimera I doubt you need that many save slots either. Just use the preferences to skip text you have seen already. From what I am able to tell in PASSWORD right after making a choice the character will either express themselves positively or negatively. So if youre trying to get the highest affection points I think it will be easy to just go back a few dialogues and pick again. In fact Grizz doesnt really change much from the low affection dialogues so it's not like youre missing very much.

Try not to drown in all the expectations and criticisms. I mean even that is a criticism but dont mind me hehehe. You have a limited time you can work on your VN, so if your goal is a chapter every 2 months instead of 3, then think about shortening or even cutting the chapters early by 1/3rd. Count words and set limits. Count the hours it takes to place the sprites. Count the hours it takes to find/make new background images/sprites. And lastly mark the hours of the days in the month that you can dedicate to making your VN.

Im not a psychologist, but I use to write scary stories a few years back when I was in highschool. I had a problem with reading and rereading comments to them because this was all under my school's profile and even the teachers took interest. But it was that which made me slack off and lose motivation and even imagination to write new stuff. What I found that helped was to not bother looking at the comments anymore. Obviously when I had to tell people IDK what they were talking about because it was of their comments/criticisms they then basically orated their comment to me in person which caused the same problem to rise up in me again, and this time I was a lot more annoyed and when people saw that my reputation went from 'brilliant horror writer' to 'scary weirdo' very quickly. If I were you I wouldnt bother reading comments anymore if youre very sensitive to critisism like me. Or at least read a few once a month and if you ever feel like replying, write what you want to write but then delete it and let it go. I think it is for the best if youre  writing this VN for fun or because it is a story you want to share. You shouldnt be open to other's criticism if youre doing this purely out of your own heart's desire. Others should just love it or leave it and their opinions shouldnt matter to you.

I am pretty sure two people having an argument wont cause one or the other to shut down. It is likely the toxic fans who are to blame. And honestly people in the furry community are way too sensitive and dramatic that it is so easy to troll us. It's like they were the kids of parents who contacted the admins to get people banned instead of just hitting the mute or ignore button. Poof you go on a site where that option doesnt exist or it is too easy to loophole and now no one knows how to handle difficult people.

If I am not mistaken, Howly said it was the drugs/violence in the story that got it put on hiatus. It's difficult to write these topics without being affected by them. Although I like to read them every once in a while I would rather the writer take care of their own health first.

One more thing... I just read how to get path B from the patreon page (apparently it is to let Hoss call out Benson's lie and admit there is another person in the mansion). Well I aint no snitch and I really dont feel like finding that part, loading it up, and going through that path manually to see if it is any different. Anyone did that though? Is there any big difference? I assume since C and D and E are death routes then B is also one? ((but no one died in it yet judging from the comments I read)). So what's the difference? Nothing yet but planned?

Is there a list of all the questions I can try asking Oswin on day 8 when we first meet him? I already got a hand full of answers from him but I got mountains more of unanswered questions too. I wonder if there is anything more I could ask or if I should just give up or something...

Yeah and my advice was free too, but I get a lot of downvotes for it.

Wait a second. How do you find out how many likes each character has towards you? I didnt find anything like that in my playthrough?

Well if you think about it that way, why not hope that in the future he will get his friends (and crush) back. Maybe if you date him he will never get the chance. Yup the VN was Morenatsu. I think I will give it another read if I ever get some free time.