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noone else caring about this sort of functionality?

doesn't load up full screen and is half off the screen too.  so cannot do anything except click 'quit' ...great

Does he know about this game? (are you Raffaele? lol)

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i'm sure you're going to get a lot of influx of users and questions with this new huge ukraine bundle.   I've not really used much before. But i've installed the app, have all the games in my library.  But cannot find anyway to filter in the same sort of manner as when looking at the Itch 'marketplace'.   

ie I can select tags and genres etc.   Once a game is in your library there doesn't appear to be a way of looking things up in the same sort of way.   It has a filter but from what I can tell that is just filtering by the name of a game.  which isn't at all useful in this context.

having 1000 games now in my library.  I have no idea which games i will want to try and explore because I can't filter them down to the genres that I enjoy.   It doesn't even give you a 'count' of games/tools/assets/books/physical games either. 

is it a case of that the game isn't considered 'bought' until its in someones library? is there some kind of dodgy thing going on here by

thanks for pointing out the script though. very useful. I want to use the app to manage and install my games a'la steam. I don't want to wade through 34 long ass pages