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wow talk about the disney version of pt this sucked. No scary sound effects to help get you into the fear mode no jump scare at the end when they are talking about joey. and an awful 8bit annoying tune that constantly plays on repeat.. What a way to dishonor a great game like pt.

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this is not pt this just a poor ass representation of a great game.

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several games with the same concept except longer

1.haunt the house (PC) 

2.Ghost Master (PC)

3.Haunting Starring Polterguy for the Sega Genesis

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I am done with you. you nothing but a miserable person who does nothing but trolls people on this website for your own pleasure because you think it makes you feel better about your own feeling of inadequacy but what you have yet to realize is that you only add to your own misery by trolling the people here. because all of the comments you made here have been nothing but putting people down . so you try to make yourself feel important here by putting people down and thinking you know better than everyone. Well, I sorry you want to this instead of making friends or talking to people normally.  i wish you do better for yourself. but take care ok and I wish you the best.

but part of writing fiction is writing stuff that is believable  smartphones in a story in the 80s is not that believable of premise anymore than writing a story about a car manufacturing plant in the 1800s. but you know this you just like to argue with people because you seem to have nothing better to do with your time.

 the sound in the game seemed like it was coming out of stero with the volume too high. also by the time you open the safe you have to position yourself in the right position to get the lock pick out of it which the first time even though I was standing right in front of the safe I couldn't pick anything up so I thought the game glitched and started over till the same thing happened in the second play through of the game and I had to watch a video to see that there was something in there that I just needed to be at the right angle. which sucks because you think that looking at it head on would be enough. 

also is there anyway to open the white door on the second floor or no?

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i know it is fiction your it is a game. but even fiction needs to be fiction has rules and multiplayer did not really take off till the end of vhs so why would this game be found on VHS footage? wouldn't at the very least be found on DVD.

level 47 before I realized there was no point in playing it any more

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Wow, the inside of the house did not match the outside. From the outside, it looked like maybe a 3 bedroom home tops but once you get inside it seems to almost go on forever. I loved the graphics and the atmosphere was creepy. I love the layout of the house the only thing it was missing was more gameplay. It was over far too soon. Also, I have no idea what the story was but still enjoyed my playthrough of it.

what an utter waste of my time it took longer to download than to finish this is not a game because you go up an elevator then lights come on and a thing chases you and that is it. What a waste of your time to programing such rubbish as this.

Here your tape back. Sorry, it is a little broken I decided to run over it like five or six times in the parking lot as thanks for the wonderful customer service.

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It is a good thing that Mockbuster video is going out of business in Bend Orgran. I always preferred blockbuster video myself. Plus every time I went to Mockbuster the manager was always rude and the staff didn't seem to know anything about movies or even really want to be helpful. They were either lost in their phones or talking to each other. Also, they would only have limited copies of Newest releases so you would be lucky if you could rent a movie the day it came out or even a week or 2 after. Also, their prices were insane they wanted almost 6 bucks for four nights even if watched and return it the next day still six bucks. With prices like that low inventory and the fact that they are rude and unhelpful, I can see why they are closing.  So I say good riddance to Mockbuster long live Blockbuster!!

this game doesn't end, does it?

I wish you would expand upon this add more to it because this is awesome just like the Simpsons episode. Please add more to the game

rude what ruedeness? lol your right sorry if I offended you too

sorry I was rude I really apologize for that good job on all the hard work you put into this and thanks for letting try it even if was not up to my liking.

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please please make one of the improvements the ability to bypass text you have already read just to make a smoother transition back into the game if you die. or just give the option of like press this key to bypass the text altogether even if it is your first time seeing it. Thanks for reading and listening.

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it was a fun game I would have stopped playing it a lot earlier than level 40 whatever if I knew it was unending.  

    I am sorry I didn't feel right leaving the last comment up here so I wanted to change this to something more appropriate. 

there is. It is a  super popular genre on here too. for the game makers as well as players but within that is subcategories.  such as what kind of horror game it is like a shooter, a platformer,  and so on.

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yes but it appears that there are also subcategories within itch as well. like horror visual novel, horror shooter, and so forth.

it is under horror yes but it is certainly not a visual novel which is weird they have the game label that way

why does itch have this game label as a visual novel?

this is probably the best in-browser game I ever played.

Oh man, that was an awesome game but I mentioned two games in my initial response which one is your favorite? Because I believe I mentioned monument valley and the Standley parable 

me toooooooo!!!

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this sounded like it should be a fun game but ruined by not having enough time and lousy controls. Especially on the abduct level of the game when I try to move the ship over even by lightly tapping on the button it way overshoots the cow and then I try to make it go the other way overshoots again so I am spending my whole time just trying to get over the next cow to grab it.

     Also, you don't give enough time with some of the games, for example, the level where you suppose to be cutting the leg for dinner I could not be cutting it any faster and I fail every time.  the controls on turning the knob to close the gate are also horrible. What could have been a very fun warrior ware type of game just becomes something more like taking a kick to the nuts.


or you build up enough of portfolio you can take it to one of the bigger companies and work for them or just have one game that hits big like an Undertale.

I actually found it by accident looking for another game with a simliar title

So you seem really focused on vr. So do you hope to go full time into vr game making?

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just played through this game and except for the computer red dialogue it was a nice story. Just wished you would try using real people to read the lines than the computer. By the way nicely done on the graphics for the most part but they did look a little wonky at the end where the dad and the kid are sitting on the bed talking about mom's death.

looks like from most of the other games you have uploaded here to itch are vr games are going to make any others that don't require a vr headset to play?

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how do I enter the code into the first door on psycopath because from the clue I figured you were talking about Aristotle and go to enter Loki which is the word next to his name on the list but nothing happens at the door I tried pressing e and left-clicking the mouse I don't know what I am doing wrong

OH MY GOD!!! Maybe another life was freaking awesome. It is like a bit of weirdness like as in Standly parable mixed with mind bending puzzles reminisce of monument valley in a horror setting. That truly is one the best game I played off this site so far and I played a lot off of here. Please whoever is responsible for this game let me know I want to see your collection of games you have made thank you.

that is because you turn out to be an asshole. so please go fuck yourself

hey great short game very pt. There are several bugs I did encounter while playing it. The first one was when I quit back to the title screen and then tried to return to the game again both times it just gave me a black screen I was able to walk around in-game but not see what I was doing. Both times caused me to have to completely exit the game and start over.

     the second one caused me to have to shut the game down and restart because I somehow got stuck holding the white table and cold not set it down. 

I enjoyed the gameplay and the intensity of it very much but I cannot say the same for the fact that when I die I am stuck having to sit through the same text i just had read and wait for it to slowly type out before i can bypass it to move the next piece of text I already red and wait again just to get back to the game. You really should think about adding a way to speed up the text like by holding a button so you don't have to sit through the same thing over and over again. Because the way it is now the punishment for death does not seem to be that you're set back a bit but the fact that you have wade through all that text again and again. This really killed what was turning out to be a really enjoyable playthrough of your game, Other than that nice job taking something so simple and making such a tense atmosphere out of it, That is a real talent. As well as having such a good story to compliment what you are doing in-game.

you really capture the essence of holding a camera well in the game the way the enviroment move was just like it would with cameras from back then. I see this is your first attempt at this type of game I really hope you keep it up.

ok i understand thank you for responding. that is weird you wou;d think it would work in all browsers have you nbeen able to figure out why it won't work in chorme