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GREAT TO KNOW, sent you  a friend requessttt

Great do you have discord or somthen


What do you mean

Good jam 👍

Allright, sounds fun, do you have discord or somethin

Does anyone want to team up with me. By the way i use unity.

he has a last stance phase, there is a bug that takes a lil to load it in. srry.

best game ever created, 999/10, would staple more bread to trees.

very fun game

Bro, it's staple bread to trees sim, honestly a 999999999/10 star game.

it was fun 👍

NOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you play

where does my man live, its only 9:33 where i live

Its fun. the different bullets really adds for some interesting gameplay. plus you game has sounds, my game doesnt.

just in case you were wondering, beating fireman is possible because i beat him just right now.

bro we had the same idea, lol.

ye 👍

I just realized. the clash button has a chance of not working. if it isn't working, you can close and reopen the game.

I'm stupid, I thought the jam ended yesterday, I would've added sound.

what have you done 😮😮😧😧

bro my game is complete sh*t,  I couldn't even add audio.

I think all of them.

Good game, it's fun to find all the different combinations. quick question, what engine did you use to make this.

bro, my game looks like garbage compared to yours. 😭

In my game, you are a mage and must combine your elements to create new elements that you can fire as projectiles. what engine are you using to make your game, Im using unity.

shrek good, yes or no.


I don't really see the horror element, it was a good story though.

I made a game using the same browser you used to make this game.

Please make a version for chromebook.

Great game, cant wait for the final version.

R.I.P. the dog,  this game was really sad but I had a great time playing it.

thank you, but the confusing story was  implemented to leave the story in mystery, also I did not notice that little problem  after the  backpack so sorry about that.


it does not work on web

moving with the gun feels very off, try reversing the x and y of the player by the x and y of the mouse when you click.

Best game ever, although i keep getting stuck in wall

frog gang!!!!!!!!!!!