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With Lesbian Mode on shouldn't the line of dialogue about being kissed by a guy and wanting a boyfriend be about being kissed by a girl and wanting a girlfriend or is it solely to remove content and not change things?

Is shower girl supposed to be the same name as my character or is that a weird coinkydink?

Life comes first. Take care of your own needs first.  Can't make games for others if you're physically or mentally exhausted. 

It's fun though i should probably wait till it's a bit further along till some of the images/animations are implemented a few of the lesbian options just lead to a blank screen and back to the options. but looks good so far. hope the sub dom system gets fleshed out more. And the whole when clarifying your interests to your partner the phrasing could use some work like if i want them to ... tickle them do i say tickles are great or having a partner who tickles is great. that's a bit confusing.

Downloaded the game and ran the exe and got an error saying the exe was missing or specifically it asked "Is it Missing?"

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If you're still building the game [judging by posts dates] in the prologue outside city you may want to switch the top of the building to solid so she cant seemingly walk on walls.

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Uhh how do you strip the protagonist in character creation because i can't "Customize my pubic hair" if I can't see it.

edit: found it it's in the clothes section undress

I have a controller. it worked normally at first but now the left analog stick controls the camera and movement. That's not really the games problem. but if theres anyway to fix it'd be good to know. 

I also would be interested in that because i'm probably going to have my protagonist avoid hetero relationships [except when the game forces her to have sex against her will] but also how do you change hair color?

Couldn't turn right or left i could walk strafe right or left but no actual turning therefore you couldnt go through the school.

Ruin Me community · Created a new topic A brief question

Would it be possible to corrupt our dear host into a more... Dominant role? There are a few options like greet me rudely but sometimes you want to play a sub. Assuming dominance wouldn't undermine the whole plan.

This game combines my three favorite things lesbians, exhibitionism, and absurdist comedy. And Almost got my fourth in the shed but the game ended too quick.  Maybe next episode. 

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So playing the new version and ok I'm going to say it. Assuming theres any sort of multiple choose your partner ending. My first playthrough would be Jane. But my second would be Luna. She's an amazing character. Most of the characters are fascinating in their own rights. if this was a traditional dating sim I'd want to get pretty much any of the characters ending. Shoutouts to the ghans who I think may be a bit of a tribute to Hanniferjane the trio of not quite bullies from Longstory. Also Zariah is fun.


Run into a bug talking about day 7 and if I sleep through it the bug pops up for day 8 couldn't find gui main clock.

Also I got as far as the jane breastfeeding where do we unlock the rest?

I'm curious to your argument why?

An idea/suggestion.  Could the game actually have integrated webcam capability if you use the camera feature and recognize if you're not following instructions and punish you.?

New version runs much better a suggestion if I may for our little sister / landlord's daughter. In the Dark Path we teach her how to be a bully and bully others. And in the wholesome path we teach her to be confident in herself and stand up to her bullies. Since it's might be difficult thinking up ideas for nonsexual characters in a erotic game. Sorry if you already thought of that.

Have you gone to the Lake?

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I know it's probably unrealistic but I hope there's a happy ending with our twin. she's the only character i feel any connection. ( BTW i chose to have a land lady they both called her mom and then there were some weird glitches that referred to the MC as sister and the twin as brother) also it'd be hilarious if you named yourself Jaime and your Twin Cersei if there was an easter egg.

it's an a502dl I did see where it said type the keyword ( still wasnt sure how to learn what to type) but clicking on the book didnt bring up a prompt/the keyboard. Uninstalled it out of frustration. Especially when it felt like I was stuck going nowhere. I couldn't get the catalogue till November chapter 5 Daphne's game kept resetting and I never figured if there was anything after burnished. Luna's painting didn't know her dreams neither did flitwick flitwick seemed useless but maybe Amelia bones telling me about legilimency rendered him moot. Couldn't find the time turner among the other issues. It was extremely complicated also super big on my phone heh. I was a little disappointed I was interested in getting good endings with Susan and Daphne. I will say though me and my friends were highly entertained by the Cameo by Merula "Best Witch at Hogwarts" Snyde outside the door.

On Android there's no keyboard prompt for Ginny's diary. Luna's diary, how to use legilimency , finding the Time turner in chapter 5, Daphne's tells, are not clear in the walkthrough on Google docs. It could probably use tips about sending gifts like only do it with the official seal. Also it crashes if you hit customize your assistant and crashes if you accidentally hit under 18 instead of just exiting the app. Also could probably use a guide to what gifts each girl likes.

For the benefit of the Dev whose native language isn't English.

"Is Extremely Talkative"

"Is addicted to gaming"

"Procrastinates Professionally"

"Couldn't attend school"

"Talks in the theater" -that's more of a Firefly joke but if you want to specify movies you can remove cinema or remove movies.

"Stole Medicine"

"Homophobic" and "Heterophobic" the former is hating gay people and the latter is hating straight people

"Failed to save a child from being run over" or "Ran over a child"

"Murdered their spouse for possibly abusing their child" since this pops up under male or female [and children too but lets leave that to crazy random happenstance] it removes the gender of the spouse and murderer. So if a woman gets it , it could be she murdered husband or her wife granted 90 percent of these are from countries where same sex marriage is probably illegal but by making this fact genderless makes it easier for it to pop up under either gender.

"Took illegal drugs" because in some part of the world "drugs" means prescription medications.

"Ate a living bird" though "Bit the head off a live bird" also an option.

Extra facts you could add.

"Child Abuser"

"Donated to Charity"

"Killed someone in self defense"

"Part of a cult"

"Kidnapped a child"

"Was kidnapped as a child"




"Trolled internet forums"

"Sexual Deviant"

"Killed a Dog"

"Volunteer at an Animal Shelter"